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In Inner Hebrides, the Isle of Skye is occasionally called “The shining jewel in the Hebridean crown”. Skye shines it’s genuine beauty from the jagged peaks of Cuilin hills to the rough northern tip of the Trotterniosh peninsula. Here you can find popular tourist attractions such as the Armadale Castle and the Faerie Glen of Isle of Skye which is rumored to be the place were faeries meet.

In the Inner Hebrides there is an island called Coll, it has a small community in which a ferry boat voyages to Oban onto the mainland and to Tiree. The Island of Coll is known for it’s bird and animals plus lovely and gritty beaches of these awesome island bliss. Sligachan has the most elevated summit in the Hebrides, the Cuillin hills famous for its cloud and mist formations.

Portree has many occupied shops and an alluring port, the Dunvegan Castle possess a 1500 year old heirloom, the Fairy Flag. This noble castle, owned by MacLeod Clan, is rumoredo be subjected to the safeguard of faeries.

Outer Hebrides, or Western Isles, are scene for remarkably beautiful and ancient wonder. The majority of its rock is greater than half as ancient as the Earth. Here long time inhabitants have left a cluster of tombs, standing stones and other relics. While television and tourism have weaken the old methods of life, you’re still probably going to hear a lot of Gaelic than any other place of Scotland. The western isles continues to be one of Scotland’s most composed and memorable province.

The Island of Lewis is persistently uninhabited, the view is plain without trees and marked by lochs. Mist covers miles of fields peat and moorland, almost covering Lewis’s archeological sites.

The most famous and important site is surely The Callanish Stones Circle, an ancient and remarkable structure of Bronze Age. The Island of Harris is theoretically the same island as Lewis, but they’re completely dissimilar. The forest of Harris is a treeless heather splotched mountain, derive to yellow beaches.


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