Things You Should and Should Not Do in Italy


things to do in italyItaly is a magic country that attracts tourists of all ages from all over the world. Everyone wants to see the Italy’s famous attractions and sightseeing places. But when it comes about your own trip to this beautiful country, you try to plan every step beforehand. I want to tell you about things you must do in Italy and things that are better not to do at all.
To DO:
• Taste national Italian food! The choice of popular national dishes is diverse. If you like pizza, go to Naples. Pizza was born in this city. Actually, there are many cozy restaurants in Italy where you can eat ravioli, pasta, prosciutto and gelato.
• Shopping in Milan! Find time and money to go shopping in Milan. It is definitely, that the capital discovers fashion. It will be an amazing journey through the boutiques where the best designers present their brands.
• Visit Venice and ride a gondola! It is one of traditional entertainments for tourists in Italy. Do not miss this opportunity to see rich architecture of Venice. Also, a gondola ride is very romantic. If you travel with you loved one, take a night gondola ride.
• Go to Rome! Travelling through Italy, you will discover a lot of beautiful places. Rome is one of them. Surely, the best way to view the best attractions in Rome is to walk. However, you can rent a car and see much more. Visit Colosseum, Pantheon and many other sites.
Not to DO:
• Do not go to Vatican On Monday. It is closed on Sunday, so there will be a huge flow of tourists. Some sightseeing places are closed on weekends, that is why avoid visiting popular places on Monday.
• Do not schedule. If you are in Italy, forget about a tight schedule. This country is unpredictable and often things do not happen according to your schedule. For example, your Coliseum tour may start with a 30 minutes delay.
• Do not stand in ticket lines. Every tourist wants to see famous sights. The ticket lines are so long, that you can spend several hours in an effort to enter the Italy’s sightseeing places. Instead of it, you can purchase tickets online.
• Do not use only credit cards. You should take some cash. Surely, many stores, cafes or restaurants accept the credit cards. However, still in some places you will need cash, especially when you travel outside of main tourist itineraries. You may want to taste a delicious cake from a small family-run bakery. In this case, you will not do without cash payment.

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