Scotland travel guide

Scotland travel guide


Scotland is made up of over 790 islands, aside from the mainland. It is located on the northern part of Britain. One of the four countries that made up United Kingdom. It has a land area of 31,510 sq. miles. Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city but it’s chief city is Edinburgh. The weather condition of Scotland is oceanic and temperate, and sometimes it varies from time to time. The rainiest part of Scotland is in the western highlands compare to lowland Scotland and the warmest place of Scotland is Tiree located in the inner Hebrides. Scottish people of North and West spoke Gaelic (in scots language) but the primary language of Scotland is English. Thistle is the official flower of Scotland.

The picturesque geographical features add to charm of the treasured land. Scotland, the name itself bestows a sense of historicism and the power and charisma of nature. The country though highly developed and modernized, still continues to preserve the traits and impart the feeling that history lies in every corner of the country.

Scotland provides you with both the cosmopolitan lifestyle as well as the essence of Scottish country sides. The country thrives in the fields of food, drink, fishing and golf. Genealogy is another reason why a large section of the tourists are interested to visit Scotland. The ancestral roots of their families fascinate them.

With its combination of the unspoiled scenic landscapes and historical sites including the prehistoric stone circle, burial chambers and the various other remains, Scotland has a thriving tourism industry. The historical battle grounds, ruins, the magnificent castles, museums, the exquisite culture capture the attention of millions of visitors from all over the world.

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