How to get to Scotland


Getting to Scotland is quite easy. Airports of some countries in Central Europe, Ireland, Wales, Scandinavia and England have direct flights to Edinburgh and Glasgow. From other countries you have to stop in Paris, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt to find connections to Edinburgh. Buses are a cheap way to travel between Scotland and other cities in United Kingdom.

The best way to travel to Scotland from outside the county is by plane and those who visit England should know that it is actually inexpensive to fly to Scotland from the rest of Britain. If you buy an airpass in your home country, it is only substantial on international scheduled flight ticket. Ticket price vary from season to season.

From Britain and Ireland there are direct flights to the main airports of Scotland. You can find inexpensive flights from London Luton or Stansted. Major European cities such as Zurich, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam have direct flights to Glasgow and Edinburgh. In North America, New York and Toronto have direct flights to Glasgow. From other U.S. and Canadian is possibile to reach Scotland via London, Amsterdam and other big European hubs.

The cheapest way to travel to Scotland is by car or bus which connect some British cities to Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow and Edinburgh. If you are using a car; there are two principal passage: to the South of Scotland the A74 (M) and M6 to Glasgow and to the East the A1 between London an Edinburgh.

London and some major cities in England have also constant and regular rail services to Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Virgin trains that departs from Euston and proceed to Glasgow’s West coast and trains that departs from King’s Cross and proceed to the East coast of Edinburgh, Aberdeenand Inverness.

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