Crete | Xerokampos Beach


Xerokampos is a place of extraordinary naturalbeauty located in the southeast side of Crete, 47 Km south of Sitia and 69 Km east of Ierapetra.

It might take a bit of a driving to get there but the place's magnificence will amaze you.

Xerocampos consists of many small coves with majestically coloured waters and wild scenery.

There are two roads to Xerokampos.

The shorter road starts from Zakros.

An alternative wayis by following the longer route, connecting Ziros to Xerokampos, through mountains, silveryolive tree landscapes and old castles.

Once you start the final descent to Xerokamposbeaches, you'll be enchanted by the magnificent view and the place's grandeur.

The main beach of Xerokampos is one of the well hidden treasures in Crete.

It is knownas Amatou beach and it has fine white sand and light blue waters.

There are no touristicfacilities except some showers and few sunbeds.

Make sure to bring your own snacks and umbrellas,there are a few tamarisks that provide some shade.

On the east side of the main beach close by one can discover many small beaches.

Xerokamposoffers everything that a person who appreciates natural beauty could ask for.

And as a friend said.

''The exploration of beautiful places.

is good for the soul''.

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