Crete | Voidomatis Beach


Voidomatis beach is located on the shore ofeast Asterousia mountains.

62 Km south of Heraklion and about 3 Km east of Treis Ekklisiessettlement.

The scenery while driving on the dirt road to Voidomatis is rocky and wildwith steep cliffs diving into blue waters.

You can only get there by car or by motorbike.

It is a remote, quiet and unorganised beach with no umbrellas or sunbeds but the rockssurrounding the beach offer a lot of shade.

Be prepared and bring your own refreshmentsand snacks with you since there are no canteens on the beach.

Locals often visit Voidomatisto enjoy the relaxed swim on the magnificent coarse sandy beach with deep blue waters.

Swimming with a mask you'll be amazed when you enter inside the east side cave and discoverthe magical seabed.

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