Crete | Vai Beach


One of the most visited beaches in the islandof Crete is Vai.

Located 24 Km east of Sitia, in the Lasithi region.

You can get there bycar but there are some bus services from Sitia too.

It is famous for the large palm grovewith over 5000 trees, the largest in Europe.

Before you follow the road to the beach, don'tforget to get some bananas from the local shop located on the main road.

Have in mindthat you pay a small fee to leave your car in the parking area.

Vai beach is a long and fully organised beach offering all that a visitor can ask for.

Itis very popular because of its incredible beauty.

You can find umbrellas, sunbeds, watersports, a lifeguard, some shops and a local restaurant right on the beach.

It has finesand and the waters are of a magnificent colour.

The palms on the beach offer a shady placeto relax or even have a nap.

Taking a long swim to the small island locatedright across the beach and discovering the underwater beauty of Vai's seabed is a mustdo activity.

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