Crete | Plakias Village


Plakias is a fishing village on the southcoast of Crete, which is rapidly developing into a holiday destination thanks to its goodsandy beaches.

It lies in a small sheltered bay, so the water tends to be warm and still,ideal for families.

A small passenger boat service from Plakiascan take you eastwards along the coast to another popular beach at Agia Galini.

Thetrip takes about 20 minutes.

On the way you can view the rugged south Cretan coastlineand the occasional clifftop monastery.

Plakias is just across the slender westernwaist of Crete, 40 kilometres from Rethymno.

To get there, drive for 21 kilometres alongthe main southbound highway, turning right at the sign, and then proceeding for another20 more kilometres.

There's also an infrequent KTEL bus service from Rethymno.

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