Crete | Lasithi Region


Lasithi is the name given to the region inthe eastern part of Crete.

It's a bit dryer and warmer than the rest of the island, butbecause of that, its beaches and resorts are among Crete's best.

Those miles of coast between Heraklion andthe east are justly known as the Cretan Riviera.

There are the remains of a palace and a goodbeach of Malia, though the hordes of lager louts have somewhat spoiled the place in recentyears.

It's a better idea to go on to Aghios Nikolaos, dubbed the Saint Tropez of Crete.

When the jet set goes to Crete, this is where it can be found, especially at the world classresort found in Elounda region.

Behind the resorts stretch a lush Lasithiplain, dotted with windmills.

The Romans judged the produce here the best in the Empire.

Andyou can still savour the best vegetables in the local tavernas, washed down with purelocal wine.

Intrepid hikers will like Zakros, on the easterntip of Crete, with its air of seclusion, its date palm wood, and an eerie walking routethrough the Ravine of the Dead, so called because it's an old Minoan burial spot.

And here's a fact: the eastern end of Creteis slowly sinking as the whole island slowly tips over.

But don't worry — it will be along time before you really need to worry about anything.

Meanwhile, let's get a littlecloser to the different bits of the endless experience that is Crete.

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