Crete | Kommos Beach


Kommos is located 65 Km southwest of Heraklioncity.

It is located about 2 Km north of Matala, basically the southernmost point of the Mesarabay.

You can get to Kommos beach by car, driving to Matala, until you see the sign to the beach.

Kommos is a long sandy beach, visited not only by families but by people who seek abeautiful and remote place to enjoy their swim.

It is fully organised with sunbeds,umbrellas, parking areas and a local tavern where you can have refreshments and a snack.

The seabed is sandy and rocky so be cautious.

Have in mind that there are often waves producedby the westerly winds.

If you are lucky you may see a sea turtle nest on the beach.

Ifyou do, make sure not to get too close.

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