Crete | Itanos Beach


Itanos beach is located 26 Km east of Sitia,in Lasithi region and very close to the famous palm grove of Vai.

During the ancient times,the ancient settlement of Itanos was located in this area.

The archeological site bearswitness to the historical importance of this city.

There are three coves.

On the south side of the ancient fort, there is a small sandy andquiet beach.

One can walk there via a small trail.

It is not organised like the otherbeaches in Itanos.

The second beach lies in front of the parking area.

It is the smallestof the three beaches and it is sandy with rocks scattered around.

The most famous among the beaches of Itanos is on the northern end, with golden sand andturquoise waters.

It is not organised, but still visited by many visitors.

To get there,walk over the small peninsula for about 3 minutes.

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