5 Must-Haves On Your Travel Checklist

travel checklistVacations are supposed to be one-of-a-kind experiences to everyone. The long planned itineraries, saved-up money, shopping dreams and photography madness – all these add great joys and make beautiful memories to be cherished for a lifetime. But such moments can be deeply disturbed by illness, emergencies and unforeseen incidents. In case of such situations, we can make the best of not ruining our holiday by adding few things on your travel checklist and carrying & planning few things that could save us a lot of time, effort and money. Methodically spent few minutes can sometime save you hours of precious vacation time, because, afterall, vacation is where you vacate your mind of any and all stresses from home and work. And of course, preparation is better than despair, isn’t it?

1. Insurance On Your Travel Checklist:

If you think the most unpleasant part of air travel is the airline food, you are mistaken, my friend. It is, by far, losing your baggage at the airport. If you are nodding your head to this, then you know what I am talking about. Travel insurance. It is not a savior. It cannot miraculously bring back your favorite top or trouser from the lost duffel bag but it is a consolation prize to your damaged and lost mood. Losing anything can instantly hamper your happiness and bring all your chirpiness to halt. So, you travelers do not forget to get travel insurance. Be cautious in selecting your insurance provider. Not all the airline-recommended insurance companies could be the best for you. When you have it, it’s one thing off your mind!

2. Medical Supplies & Emergency Information On Your Travel Checklist:

Just when you are enjoying the chill breeze on a promenade, you might scratch your knees and elbows on the rocks. Carrying your medical supplies at all times in a small pouch is very much advisable. Moreover, write your allergies, blood group and emergency contact person details in a small piece of paper and tape one on the rear of your mobile phone, wallet and also keep it in your pocket. You never know when you might have the need for it. Make it easy for anyone who wants to help you in those situations.  Remember at all times, being careful is never wasted. It will have its reward at your most crucial time. So, be proactive and complete your travel checklist with these vital information. You can checkout the common troubles while travelling to be precocious.

3. Candies:

Vacations most likely have one of the physical activities like trekking, mountaineering or at the least long walks. Carry few pieces of candy or health bar and a small electrolyte pouch in such cases. Most people do not take enough food or water that is required for a good day of sightseeing. Especially when you visit hotter-than-usual and humid places, there are chances you get dehydrated and become low on sugar. Candy is an excellent source of quick sugar for instant energy. It is so important to have them on your travel checklist when you have elders and diabetics as travel partners. Plus, you agree candies are fun, right?

4. Essential Tools On Your Travel Checklist:

When you go camping or plan wilderness experiences on an adventure/wildlife holiday, it is always important to have some basic useful tools on your travel checklist. Instead of making it all clumsy, it is so much easier to have a Swiss army knife. It is not just a knife, as you might know. It is multi-utility pocket knife which has tweezers, toothpickcan/bottle opener, nail file, scissors, hook, magnifying glass, ballpoint pen,  compass, ruler, key ring and many more useful functionalities that will come in handy at important times.

5. Travel Journal:

Holidays are beautiful moments to re-live and cherish when you grow older. Remembering the spot where you had your first mountain-top kiss, a wonderful chai during a slight drizzle with your spouse on your honeymoon, where you and families fell your ass*s off skiing and laughed uncontrollably about it – these are all worth recording. I am not just talking about carrying your show-off SLR cameras because photos, as much wonderful as they are, cannot say or show how you felt at that time. That is why, friends, I urge you all to maintain a travel journal or a holiday scrapbook and more importantly, put that on your travel checklist. Save the stubs from theme parks where you hugged your wife in fear on a roller-coaster, a small shrub of a flower from the beautiful park you loved in that city or even better, make a rough pencil sketch, however bad you may be at it, of the beautiful valley view on a tissue paper and include it in your journal. Later, back home, you can paste as many pictures you want in it, but writing how you felt while seeing that view, is going to be amazing to read later.
Keeping all these things on your travel checklist apart, the best thing to have on a vacation, is a loved one by your side – be it your spouse, friends or the whole family. Beautiful people around you make your life worthwhile.

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