Top 5 ‘Singles’ destinations for Men and Women

‘Singles’ vacation is synonymous to extreme fun. With no bossy parents or binding sibling around, you are free as a bird to go wherever you want, do whatever you wish, without being questioned and only remembering that your behaviour is only your responsibility. Sounds like a lot  of thrill, isn’t it? OK! Now we are going to discuss 5 spots each for single men and women to go on vacation, alone or with friends and just have a BALL without being judged. Get. Set. Roll !!

Single Men

To single men, fun is just about beer, beaches and babes. All in agreement say ‘Aye!’ and I hear you mob. Just when you are about to break with too much stress or you just want to chill for a few days, these are some of the coolest places to go.

1. Bangkok:

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OK, Bangkok is not just about the local markets and temples. It is by far the coolest Asian city that has countless round-the-clock bars and joints, beautiful Asian women around all the time for some innocent holiday flirting and for those men who want to feel exotic, some amazing and famous Thai spa and massage centres. Not to forget, people from far west have an acquired taste for Pad Thai food and where better to indulge in them than Bangkok?

2. Jamaica:

Beach, cocktails and dancing are inseparable on this land. Bite down on some finger food, play some volley ball, sunbathe and get an awesome tan on the scenic beach while you wash your stress down with amazing mix of drinks. Traditional music and dancing can make you quake like loose sand and let you sink in pure fun for the entire holiday. What more do you want, bro?

3. Las Vegas:

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This is probably known as a ‘Single man’s paradise’ to everyone local or abroad. Gamble, live shows, clubs, drinks and women of entertainment – you name it, the town’s got it. This casino hub of the world is the best destination if you have the right money to spend because this is one of those places which does not agree with the phrase ‘Money can’t buy you everything’!

4. Switzerland:

If you are one of those daredevils who like to sledge, skateboard and ski, what better place than the Alps? Switzerland is the dreamland with so many ski resorts on the alpine region. Beauty and thrill at one place and moreover, filled with gourmet chocolate shops. I know chocolates don’t shout out manliness but still, who would miss them?

5. Rio de Janeiro:

People visit Rio just to be part of the extravagant and mad carnival that happens annually as part of the catholic tradition and goes big time on being merry and eating meat. The sheer volume of women who participate in the parade dancing with mini clothes and big hair dresses, make-believe wings and linen is so much freaky fun for the single guys to enjoy. A must visit place if you want to party hard and wake up in strange places with strange people.

Single women

For some women, a relaxing walk by the beach, a good book, fine wine with good music would be their idea of the best vacation. For few others, it is retail therapy – pure shopping fun and indulging in exotic food and for all others, it is meeting dreamy men from a foreign land and experiencing love. Here are five places that would provide them all these experiences. Jump in, girls!

1. Paris:

Women go mad at the mention of ‘Paris’ mainly because of four reasons. Art, Food, Fashion and Love – any woman would feel impossible to imagine her life without them. The museum, art galleries and architecture can melt your heart if you are an art lover. Food is the common love of every human being. Paris has the some of the best restaurants in the world specially patisseries. Paris is also the fashion capital of the world with almost every designer line on the ramp on time for every season. More than all of these, Paris is a city of love. It is believed to that love is in the air, mainly because Paris steals your soul giving you the best of everything you could possibly want or love.

2. Los Angeles:

Source: WikiMedia

City of Angeles or City of Dreams – It is believed that thousands of American women travel to Los Angeles with dreams of making it big into show business. For tourists, it is home of Hollywood and Universal Studios. This bright and lively city is definitely a city to be for single ladies. You might stumble upon a celebrity at a local diner or spot your favourite actor’s star on the Walk of Fame.

3. Ireland:

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Irish men are known world over for two things – holding their liquor well and charming their way into a girl’s heart. The two things a woman likes in her man. Ireland, being a land of most scenic castles and beautiful landscapes is another throw-in addition for visiting this amazing country. Irish pubs are such fun places to check a variety of beers and meet the most handsome guys.

4. Costa Rica:

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For those tomboy girls who are into surfing, sailing and beach sports, Costa Rica is the place to be. Starting your day with some best coffee in the world, sulking in the sun getting a sexy tan line and taking your board for a ride on the smooth tides and relaxing on the beach afterwards with a lemon-wedged drink is such a pleasure even to read. Why not experience it?

5. Mexico:

Mexico tourism attractions make quite a list but topping the list are the best spa resorts lined along the vast beach shores. What could be more relaxing for a woman than a body and face massage and a long bubble bath? Along with incredible spa packages, you get delicious Mexican food and Spanish music to relax you more than anything. Rejuvenation could mean a whole more to you after you pay a visit to Mexico.

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