Top 10: extreme on his head


Meeting with great white sharks, passing the rapids in the mountain rivers, paragliding in the Himalayas, climbing to the crater of the volcano and other adventure for the sake of risk, adrenaline and crazy emotions.

Read a selection of the most interesting places where you can tickle your nerves and to see the most beautiful places on the planet.

  • The encounter with the white shark in the ocean
  • Where? Cape town, South Africa

    Shark dive begins with a ride on the ship to the “fish place”. The southern Cape of Africa is a real shark’s lair, so tours to white – the most dangerous sharks in the world, offers almost every Agency in Cape town. Intrepid explorers of large fangs are taken away from the coast, put in a cage and lure the sharks with bloody fish. Sharks swim around the cage, attracted by the smell of workpieces, and tourists take photos of fish in action Cam. In fact, sharks have little interest in people, their everyday food is fish, so the attraction is completely safe and demand. The most important is to have the body of fresh cuts and be able to dive under the water.

  • The ascent to the active volcano
  • Where? Java and Bali, Indonesia

    Smell of sulfur, the heat from the earth and to see the beautiful scenery of the volcanic Caldera in Indonesia.

    The Islands of Java and Bali attracts with its volcanoes, and the most interesting that can rise anyone straight to the crater. To the top of Batur volcano in Bali can ascend from two points – from the village of Toya Bungkah and Songan. And Bromo in Java, it is best to go from the village At Living. Both lifting is recommended, accompanied by local guides. Although Bromo to get much easier from motparnasse to rise breathable crater no more than 20 minutes.

    Paragliding in Sarangkot

  • Paragliding in the Himalayas
  • Where? Pokhara, Nepal

    Paragliding in different countries of the world. Only to soar even higher in the Himalayas, from the village of Sarangkot, near Pokhara. To fly on the same level with birds and panoramic views of fewa lake and the whole range of mountains-Himalayas – Annapurna, Machapuchre, Dhaulagiri — that true happiness for lovers in the mountains. Paragliding in Pokhara serves many agencies and guest houses. Jeep takes tourists up to Sarangkot where everything will start with the instructor, and land already in Pokhara in half an hour.

  • Panorama of the abyss
  • Where? AZ, USA

    Palms sweating, legs weak and heart skips a beat with delight and fear at the same time, when you walk on the SkyWalk bridge at the famous Grand Canyon. This is one of the most impressive viewpoints and the deepest canyon in the world. It is made in the shape of a horseshoe and has a transparent floor. The height is 1200 meters above a gorge with spectacular views. Walking on top, you should definitely go down to the bottom of the Canyon, to fully appreciate the extent of the Arizona nature.

    The bridge đurđevića Tara bridge, one of the highest in Europe

  • The alloy on raft the deepest canyon in Europe
  • Where? Žabljak, Montenegro

    Pass all pool-drops – alternate rapids and smooth stretches of water in the deepest canyon in Europe – quite a feasible task even for those who have never been rafting.

    The canyon of the river Tara in the Durmitor national Park has a depth of 1300 meters. Shades of turquoise water is hypnotic, and the air filled with pine fragrance. Your boat is always steering, and the current of the river sets the right direction. The most exciting feature of this adventure is to fall overboard into the cool water and swim vests, waiting for the guide.

  • Photo shoot on the glacier
  • Where? Terskol, Caucasus
    To see a panorama of the greater Caucasus ridge and the Elbrus — the highest mountain in Europe (5642 meters) is a must! Hiking on the glacier in conjunction with a small group and tour guide turns into a real adventure. Typically, these routes are intended for the day, the guide offers to skirt the glacier from the bottom and to assess the scale of blocks of ice, and swimming in a mountain lake is the culmination of the campaign. Here not require special skills in mountaineering, it is sufficient to have strong legs and good boots. Safe routes in the Caucasus can be found in the club

    Tiger Leaping gorge in Yunnan province

  • Trek on a mountain trail
  • Where? Lijiang, China

    Tiger Leaping gorge in Yunnan province – a real Chinese pride. In these places very popular route, passing over the deepest canyon of the Yangtze river.

    The trail winds at a height of 2000 metres and is renowned for its difficulty. Sometimes there are very terrible and breathtaking sites. However, the route may pass any healthy person just a couple of days, if you dare. In the rainy season in summer in this region it is better not to go, the trail erodes badly and possible landslides. The trekkers usually spend the night in guest houses of the local population violence – they are friendly guys and are always happy to warm and feed the travelers.

  • Hike to the largest cave in the world
  • Where? Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

    National Park Gunung Mulu in Sarawak is famous for the longest cave system in Southeast Asia. 300 km already explored, but to find the end of the natural tunnels have not yet succeeded. Local guides offer a number of interesting trails for every level of training. You can just visit the huge cave, Sarawak Chamber. Use interest tours with a motor boat to the Clearwater cave with an underground river. More extreme options for cavers.

  • Walk through the tall trees

    Walk to Canopy Walkway through the rainforest

  • Where? Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

    The island of Borneo is famous for its rich nature. Tropical rainforest and endemic animals attract tourists. Many do not know that you can walk through the treetops on suspended bridges.

    System Canopy Walk in Kinabalu Park – a bunch of wooden bridges between huge trees that have observation deck. Flimsy construction creaks and totters, when it people go or jumping monkeys.

  • Jump from the bridge into the abyss
  • Where? Bote, Nepal

    To jump off a bridge with a height of 160 meters in the Himalayas is a popular pastime among tourists. Thirst for adrenaline is taken from Thamel in Kathmandu to the river Boat, the legs and pushed from the bridge into the abyss. Gum pulsates up and down, heart races a little body hanging out over the violent river. This attraction requires courage, but tourists with spinal cord injuries it is better not to sign up for this adventure.

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