The sights of Stockholm in 24 hours


The sights of Stockholm in 24 hours

If in Stockholm, you have only 24 hours and you want to really feel the atmosphere of the city-read our article.

Start with Stockholm town hall, where every year takes place the ceremony in honor of Nobel prize winners. The impressive building with eye-catching tower picturesquely raspoloen the water. On the town hall tower you can climb and enjoy her amazing view of Stockholm.

Then you will find the oldest attraction, the Old Town, one of the best preserved in the world of medieval buildings, narrow streets and crooked houses. Take the opportunity to look outside of Morten Trotzig, the narrowest street in the city. Stroll through the picturesque alleys and squares, along the artisan shops and galleries. Look at Storkyrkan Cathedral (Storkyrkan) and the Royal Palace. And take a coffee break in one of the many cozy cafes.

Another important point – Stockholm is a must see with water. It is built on 14 Islands and sea here are beautiful. go on a boat tour and admire the city from the water.

You also need to visit the most visited Museum of Scandinavia, the ship the Vasa Museum located on djurgården island seoanem. Here is the Royal ship Vasa, which sank on its first voyage in Stockholm harbour in the 17th century, barely having time to shove off from the shore. Exciting atmosphere will make the visit memorable both for kids and for adults.

And since you are already on Djurgården, take the opportunity to stroll along the picturesque Organische channel. Continue the walk to the cosy Rosendals garden, have a coffee in the shade of the crowns or bring food picnic on the grass under the Apple trees.

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