The island of Tasmania – the last wilderness area


The island of Tasmania – the last wilderness area



The island of Tasmania is a unique area of Australia, which is the smallest state in this country. Australian authorities carefully care about the preservation of natural systems, therefore, more than half of the entire island has been declared a protected area. Just one foot in front of the eyes of the traveler appear green plains, virgin forests with scenic waterfalls, mountains and well-kept town.

Most tourists come to Tasmania to relax on the local beaches. In the coastal areas you can go scuba diving, spend time ocean fishing, or rent a car to explore the remote corners of the island. The locals are also not averse to relax, so it is worth remembering that at weekends the majority of food establishments and shopping centers are closed.

The first inhabitants of Tasmania were convicts who were brought here from all corners of the British Empire. For prisoners in 1830 was built the penitentiary in Port Arthur. The prison is a real city, where, behind the impregnable walls, hidden streets, hospitals, post office and Church. A large part of Port Arthur was burned by numerous fires of the late nineteenth century.

One of the tourist curiosities of the island is a tour of coal mines, which were worked by the convicts. In long tunnels opened several expositions telling about history of Tasmania. Very popular are excursions to the probation station at Darlington, Cascades female factory and estate Brickendon-Woolmers, built in colonial style.

Learn about the history of the island to the British colonization on the territory of the ethno village, Tiagarra near Davenport. It was here that archaeologists discovered traces of the first sites and primitive cave paintings that are older than 10 thousand years. All the important archaeological finds are stored in which is located nearby the Museum.

Rich in attractions and the capital of Tasmania is Hobart. Monuments in colonial style is preserved in the district, Gregory point. At Salamanca square are located several buildings, made of Sandstone. The most popular place for Hiking is the harbour with beautiful villas in the heart of London.
The island of Tasmania is a unique area of the globe where there are a lot of animals living only in this region of the planet.

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