Sunny Sicily


Sunny Sicily

For a long time the island of Sicily was at the crossroads of all Mediterranean cultures, and today it affects its guests ancient Greek temples, Norman churches and palaces in the Baroque style. There are many natural wonders, such as the Smoking craters of mount Etna and secluded beaches of the South coast.

The island’s climate is mild, so in the fall and spring here the weather is excellent, and on hot summer days, salty sea breezes create the necessary coolness.

All attractions in Sicily is something more than just monuments or natural objects. Here every stone has absorbed all the layers of cultures, combining different histories and civilizations.

The Mediterranean trade routes once crossed paths in Palermo. Your mark is left by the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Greeks, Spaniards and even the Normans. You can not go past the stunning 12th century mosaic in Church La Martorana and personal chapel of the first Governor of Sicily of Roger II, the Cappella Palatina. And should definitely devote half a day to travel to the ancient city of Montreal, where stands a beautiful Cathedral, built in the XII century.
The best representative of the Renaissance in all of Sicily, no doubt can be called Syracuse. The old part of the city called Ortygia. It is far from the main city on the small island associated with greater land only by a bridge. You can see the Archaeological Park with the Greek amphitheater of the 5th century, where the summer plays, and a Cathedral built on the site of an ancient temple of the goddess Athena.

Near the town of Messina is the highest mountain in Italy is mount Etna. According to legend, this stone weight crushed the Greek gods immortal hero Encalada. When alive, the giant is trying to get out, Etna wakes up and starts erupting.

Apart from the sites, Sicily is also famous for its culinary talents. Traditional Sicilian cuisine is very noticeable influence of those peoples who at different times inhabited the island: the Greeks, Spaniards, Arabs. There are a lot of vegetables and fruits, fresh meat and seafood. In Sicily there is even their own special varieties of cheese. In local restaurants you should definitely try the rice balls “arancini”, pasta “Alla Norma” and, of course, the famous Sicilian pizza.

Sicily is not just an island belonging to Italy is a separate state, with its culture, religion and very welcoming smiling people who are always welcome.

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