Scenic Scotland


Scenic Scotland

Scotland is a country where you have to visit once in your life and try to unravel its mysteries. It has everything: old houses and castles, picturesque lakes, enigmatic, elusive monsters, parks and forests on the tops of green hills.

And you can start with the area called the Black Isle in the North-Eastern part of the country. This isn’t an island but rather a small Peninsula with a very fertile black soil, which in a warm season green forest, so thick that in the winter frost to appear black.

From here it is easy to go to the North-West in the small town of Ullapool and the North in a picturesque Weekend settlement located on the Gulf coast. Also easy to get to the port city of Inverness and see the ancient castle, adjacent to the beautiful Church, the Cathedral and river ness, originating in the famous Loch Ness lake.

A similar trip may be made at any time of the year. Here is very interesting during the Northern meeting the fans and players of the bagpipes, held in mid-September, or on the Mountain games, which take place two days in July.

Scotland is a great place to enjoy the unspoilt and rather stern nature of the North. In the free port town of Cromarty it is possible to order a boat in the Moray Firth, where entire pods of dolphins. These amazing animals can also be seen from the shore Chanonry point near a small village Rosemarkie. Here lies a very beautiful, secluded sandy beach, several kilometres of Golden velvet coast, ideal for family picnics and fun holiday.

Hearty and delicious traditional Scottish food can be directly on the waterfront while enjoying spectacular sunsets over the Moray Firth.

Near Loch ness, too, there is something to see. On its Northern shores lies the ancient Urquhart castle. He left very little, only a few walls and the first floor of the once huge entrance with two towers and almost destroyed the dungeon. But, from here you can see the lake in all its beauty. For the first time in the history of these places the castle is first mentioned in 1275, so you can only imagine how old all of its stone buildings. Tourists tell of centuries of history and a bloody struggle for power that took place under these walls, which became part of the harsh but beautiful Scottish land.

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