Rich colors of the coast of Australia


Rich colors of the coast of Australia

Despite the fact that Australia is the smallest continent on the planet, however, he and the mysterious and unusual. Miracles begin with the moment to look up at the night sky. There familiar to us the Big and little dipper, but bright seen the southern Cross. In street stall Australia can you buy an upside down map where the country is at the top, and Eurasia at the bottom. In addition, the mainland is famous for its Martian landscapes.

That only stands to watch the rock Uluru, a magical symbol of the aborigines. In the morning it is purple, in the middle of the day turns red, and in the evening – black.

Australia is a green continent. He is known for a huge number of national parks – more than five hundred. And each of them may surprise visitors with their zest. For example, in one of them there are mountains that appear blue from a distance. To explore all the corners of this amazing country, it is best to travel by car.

Lovers of ancient cultures have to taste another national Park called Kakadu. Here is a tireless researcher can find rock paintings that are more than 20 thousand years.
Fans of flora and fauna will delight the extreme sports, like diving off the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches along the Australian coast is almost 2500 miles.

An essential symbol of Australia as the barrier Reef and kangaroos, the Opera house is located on the coast of Australia, Sydney. The Opera house resembles the shape of various objects – some of the sailboat, someone shell or the shell. The bays of Sydney you can take a ride on a pleasure boat.

The most enjoyable part of travel is shopping. For Souvenirs it is best to go for one of the main streets of Sydney – Oxford Street. Worth a closer look to the works of local artists, but buying them should be aware of the ban on the export of wood products, coral, feathers and bones. Well and gemstones from Australia are the best and are highly appreciated all over the world.

The Australian coast is a great place for sunbathing, swimming and surfing. In the evenings along the shoreline opens up a range of small bars, where tired surfers can look to eat. In Australia more than 10 thousand beaches, so designated under the sun for everybody. The most attractive for tourists are the beaches under Melbourne. They gained popularity due to the large limestone cliffs which are called “the twelve apostles”.

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