On the attractions of Croatia


On the attractions of Croatia

Croatia is a stunningly beautiful state in the territory of which is over 1180 Islands with beautiful nature.

Extremely clean Adriatic sea, beautiful forests, about four thousand kilometers of coastline with beautiful coves and cliffs that will certainly delight you! The climate in Croatia is quite hot, however, to transfer heat easily – this is facilitated by dry air, sea breeze and plenty of greenery!

Croatia’s capital is Zagreb, which managed to combine modern as well as unique historic buildings and monuments. Stroll through the beautiful parks of Zagreb (for example, one of the largest garden-Park ensemble of Croatia Maksimir”, made in the English style), visit the many galleries and museums (Mimara Museum, Gallery of primitive art, gallery of Strossmayera, the Natural history Museum and others), look at unique cathedrals and monasteries in the Croatian capital. Symbol of the city is the Cathedral of St. Stjepan, which is located near the memorial pillar, which is crowned with a beautiful gilded statue of the virgin Mary. It was here in the 13th century were buried higher Church hierarchy, but also noble and rich citizens of Croatia.

One of the most beautiful and picturesque natural attractions Europe is considered to be the national Park Plitvice lakes, located in the Central part of Croatia, at the altitude of 500-1300 m above sea level.

The air here is incredibly clean and fresh, scented pine forest and 16 lakes, staggered, and 140 waterfalls exhibit all shades of blue, blue and turquoise. A walk in the Park traveller requires good physical training, because the trails in the Park, will take from two to eight hours!

Croatia is rich with attractions for almost every taste. If you love to soak up the sunshine and swim in the amazingly clear sea, then you certainly need to visit the beach resorts in Croatia – Istria, stunning, beautiful Central Dalmatia and South Dalmatia fabulous.

The swimming season here is very long – from may to mid-October. A pleasant surprise for tourists is that all beaches are municipal, so the entrance is free, and rental of umbrellas and sun beds will cost you only 2 euros! For lovers of active Islands designed ski resorts of Platak and Slam, equipped routes of varying difficulty, comfortable ski lifts, modern snow cannons and great artificial lighting. Moreover, in Croatia a very popular sailing, diving, Windsurfing, rafting, exciting boat trips and picnics, climbing and other exciting activities.

And you already want to visit the beautiful and interesting Croatia? Then do not delay! This extraordinary country gives to all guests the most unforgettable experience!

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