London Sights


London Sights

The British capital was founded during the Roman conquest. To this day, the London lives, keeping themselves in the rich culture and combining conservative traditions with modern trends.

In the historical part of London is the Thames river – the main water artery of the city. Flowing through the whole of England, it flows into the North sea, which explains the peculiar climate of England: frequent rains and high humidity.

Thanks to the fact that the river passes through the city, is very well developed water transport system, its water network under the name of London River Services.

Transport structure works so that no one will feel like a stranger here. It includes numerous buses, among which the famous double-Decker trams, the world’s first subway, light rail, and all the famous London taxi black cab.

Tours of the British capital usually originate in the Central part, because here are the most memorable and interesting objects, such as Westminster Abbey – the coronation site of monarchs, the city symbol big Ben, the Cathedral (St. Paul’s Cathedral) and the palaces of the Royal family.

Also worth a ride on the Ferris wheel, which local residents have given their name – “the London eye”, because from the height of bird flight you can see the extraordinary beauty and scale of the panorama of the city. Height of the structure is 135 meters.

Do not forget the tower – one of the oldest buildings in London. Its construction began back in the year 1078. This fortress has long served as the residence of kings, a prison and even a warehouse values. Now the tower is a famous Museum and just a monument of English history.

Galleries and museums (they are, by the way, there are more than 300) encompass all kinds of arts and public life spheres. The most popular and famous is the British Museum. In his collections you will be able to see the ancient books, manuscripts, coins, and other rarities of Egyptian civilization, antiquity, medieval, Renaissance and later eras.

Also among the famous museums are national gallery, Tate gallery, Madame Tussauds and the Victoria and albert Museum. Undoubtedly, one of the most favorite places is Oxford street – the shopping street. Along with other streets, it forms a lively district filled with restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels. Annually here come about 100 million people! Best trip to London to plan in the period from April to September. At this time it’s the most comfortable weather for sightseeing and exploring London.

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