Landmarks of English Birmingham


Landmarks of English Birmingham



Birmingham is the second largest city of England, and its population considerably exceeds a million people. The first mention of the city dates back to 1086, when Birmingham called in the “Domesday Book”. The city has long developed as a trading centre and place of the fairs, and the weapons forged by local craftsmen, prized far beyond Britain.


In Birmingham for talks are often visited by representatives of various governments and leading multinational corporations. Their meetings are usually held in the building of the Convention centre that provides excellent conditions for meetings at the highest level.

Attractions Birmingham

In the heart of Birmingham’s town Hall, built, like many other buildings of the city, in the Victorian style with elements of ancient Greek classics. The building is characterized by rigor, consistency and harmony of forms. The construction of the town Hall dates from the early decades of the nineteenth century. In the panorama of the city stands the magnificent building of red brick, the construction of which was completed at the beginning of the XX century. This University, which is one of the leading educational institutions in Britain.
The history of the Church Saint-Martin is from the XIII century. It is believed that the Church is haunted and otherworldly forces. Many residing here have noted spiritual anomalies and inflow of divine energy. The Church built in the Gothic style and remains the main symbol of the city.
In the mid-nineteenth century construction began on the neo-Gothic Church of St. Chad. Her romantic image radiates elegance, rigor and expressive lines.
Among the cultural attractions worth noting the Art gallery, which is located in the Institute of fine arts of Berbera. Among others it exhibited works of Renoir, Monet, Degas, Gainsborough and Turner. Several rooms of the gallery occupied by a beautifully executed sculptures.
Just nice to stroll along the boulevards and squares of the city, enjoy the appearance of historic buildings and to experience the true spirit of England.
Birmingham is a classic British city in which modernity is closely intertwined with its rich history.

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