Islands and beaches of Malaysia


Malaysia – bright tropical country with a hot climate, incredible wildlife and numerous Islands. Its Western part is located on Malay Peninsula, adjoining on the South with Singapore and with Thailand in the North. The Eastern part of the country includes the island of Borneo is Sabah and Sarawak.

The coastline of Malaysia stretches to 4800 km – all of it beautiful beaches and secluded Islands. Many of them are almost the clean and elegant in Asia. In the West are the resorts and beaches of the Strait of Malacca and on the East the country is washed by the waters of the South China sea. Coral sand, unspoiled beaches, great snorkeling, quiet Bay — all about Malaysian beaches.


Langkawi is the largest of 99 Islands off the coast of Kedah, close to the border with Thailand.

The island has good infrastructure and opportunities for different types of travelers. Here you can sunbathe on the beaches, go on a boat excursion to the Islands of the archipelago, climb to the highest viewpoints, stop off at the museums, a large aquarium and explore the island in a circle on the car, finishing the journey the rise the cable car to popular viewpoint Panorama. Langkawi has an international airport, excellent roads, marinas, budget hotels and luxury hotels, green Golf courses and other entertainment.

Tourists staying in the port town of Kuah, where go beaches and hotels. By the way, in Kuah is the famous sculpture of the eagle is a symbol of the island.

The most popular beaches – Cenang (his love of independent travellers at affordable prices), cosy Restaurants and Spa hotels, lively beach with yachts in Kuah, secluded Pantai Kok, Burau Bay and Pantai Tengah. Luxury hotels and a large Golf club located on the beaches of Datai Bay and Pasir, Tengkorak. One of the most beautiful, clean and affordable shared beaches is Tanjung Rhu. Nearby are hot springs and a waterfall in the jungle with the strange name “durian”.

Sky Bridge — a Grand sky bridge in Langkawi

Interesting attractions: observation deck and SkyBridge Panorana, eco tours to the mangroves, waterfalls of Telaga Tujuh and Temurun, zipline in the jungle, fun gallery Perdana with gifts of former Prime Minister (art objects, vintage cars, paintings, textiles).

About a hundred small Islands included in the archipelago of Langkawi. This is the territory of the national Park and beautiful Lake of the Pregnant maiden. You can get here with day tour and the most interesting is to explore the Islands by kayak. And yet, Langkawi – area duty-free, then you can purchase excellent chocolate at a reduced price.

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How to get to Langkawi?

From Kuala Lumpur take the train to ALOR Setar (Kedah) or Arau (Perlis). From there you can drive to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis, ferry to Langkawi. Journey time – 45 minutes or 1 hour. 15 minutes. Regular flights to Langkawi Air Asia performs.

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Penang island is the most famous resort of Malaysia. Its capital Georgetown is a city with a colonial past, still preserves historical buildings and cultural values.

The city centre is included in the list of world heritage sites by UNESCO, and walking through its colourful streets is a real treat even for seasoned travelers. The Northern coast of Penang attracts tourists with its long sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes.

Along the coastline runs the beach Batu Ferringhi, where there are hotels and Spa resorts. In the evenings the local restaurants here offer fresh seafood and colorful markets crammed with exotic fruits and other interesting goods. Immediately are introduced to local ethnic crafts, art paint batik and make Souvenirs out of wood. Tanjung Bungah is another popular place to stay. Here very beautiful nature with cozy sea coves and rugged cliffs. Evenings arrive here bright hornbills. Find yourself in Penang, do not forget to look at the tropical spice Garden is a place where experienced growers managed to gather more than 500 species of plants from different parts of Asia.

Penang is famous for its authentic cuisine, so the island received the title of “food Capital of Malaysia”. The Time magazine recognised Penang best gourmet destination in Asia a few years ago. Street food, restaurants and night markets there really is no comparison.

Most of the dishes are unique – they cannot try anywhere else! The most hits is a variation of noodles with shrimp and seafood Hokkien Mee, Koay Teow Soup, Pan Mee, dessert cendol and gurjanovae sweets. The island often hosts traditional and culinary festivals – Best Penang Durian, Georgetown Festival, Food Trails.

To the West of Teluk Bahanga you can discover the most hidden places of the island. A tourist gets not so much, because there is peace and quiet. This piece is part of Penang National Park and very interesting for seekers of the unusual flora and fauna. Local often know the Park called Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve.

To get to it the easiest way from Komtar in George town, journey time is 30 minutes. The main entrance to the Park is at Teluk Bahanga and the second in Kuala Sungai.

Here you can find the cleanest beaches of the island, but the most exciting is the Hiking trails in the Park. Some of them goes through the jungle when you go in the steps of the woven thick roots. Trails are marked for the convenience of tourists, there’s even a gazebo for relaxing. While walking through the rainforest you can see unusual plants – bonsai, thickets of Pandan, almond and cashew-trees. Of Pets there are lizards, macaque crabeater, Bremenskie kites, Kingfisher, civet, alenikova and others.

Another unique attraction here – the Canopy Walkway – suspended bridges made of ropes on trees with a length of 250 meters. With a height of 15 meters is much easier to see all the exotic animals around!

Monkey beach – a secluded place in the North-West of the island. Local come here for picnic. Here is the route to the lighthouse of Muka head. And to the beach need to get on the forest trails. The scenery here is fantastic! Because the nature of Malaysia is very rich, and the Equatorial climate is a natural habitat for many animals and plants. So prepare to be surprised by the soaring meter Hornbill and whimsical buds around. 8 km from George town, you can also see all the splendor of exotic flora – there is a large Botanical Garden.

Other interesting sights in Penang cable car to the mount Penang Hill, the Church with snakes, the Buddhist temple KEK Lok si – the largest in Southeast Asia, the Orchid Garden and hibiscus, Penang war Museum, Fort Cornwallis, erected by captain Francis light in the 19th century, and Chinatown, Georgetown hangout place with museums, art galleries, antique shops, boutique hostels, cozy coffee houses and “Little India.”

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How to get to Penang?

The island can be reached by highway via a bridge or Penang international airport (fly Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines). From Kuala Lumpur, Hatyai, Bangkok you need to go to the city of Butterworth. There is a port offering regular ferry Butterworth Penang.

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It is a quiet, picturesque town in Perak, on the West coast. There is no hustle luxury Penang and Langkawi. Bangor attracts excellent sandy beaches and simple fishing villages.

The most popular beach is Pantai Putri Dewi length of 1.2 km. it is full of coconut trees and hornbills. Beach Basir Bogak due to the coral reef is great for diving with a mask and snorkel. In Teluk Nipah, you can engage in active sports. Still, the most impressive underwater depths are slightly further afield is the island of Pulau Sembilan , South of Pangkor. 9 Islands here are uninhabited, and in a lot of tropical fish. The island is small – just 8 sq. km. of the interesting places here worth visiting Dutch Fort of the 19th century, the temple dedicated to the goddess Kali and the fishing village.

Just a 20-minute boat ride from Pangkor is another island – Pangkor Laut. The beaches here are some of the cleanest in this area of Malaysia. Popular activities of the island, a romantic walk by the sea and dinner in the restaurant with views of the Malacca Strait.

On the island of Pangkor Laut is located the luxurious Pangkor Laut Resort is a secluded and very beautiful place, popular with honeymooners. Traditional bungalows on stilts, clean beaches, scenic surroundings, well-kept large grounds and a luxury Spa centre, offering the best technology in China, Japan, Thailand, Bali, India.

Conceptual spa programs are developed to support physical and spiritual health, is Relaxation, stress relief, Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Romance. The hotel is so stunning that in 2003, the magazine Conde Nast Traveller has called it “the best in the world.”

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How to get to Pangkor?

The island is located South of Kuala Lumpur, and the journey time is about 3 hours on the highway. Buses run regularly from Ipoh and Butterworth. Between Pangkor and Lumut ferry every half hour, journey time – 15 minutes.

Port Dickson

Hotel Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson Is A 5*. By the way, hibiscus is the national symbol of Malaysia.

The coastline of the beach of port Dickson stretches for 18 km and Is the most popular beach of the Malays on the West coast. Its location in Kuala Lumpur, and sound infrastructure. Around the coast lined up a chain of luxurious hotels, bungalows, hotels for every budget. Wild travellers love is here to pitch a tent. The most popular beaches of Teluk Kemang and Blue Lagoon. Yacht clubs of Port Dickson is well equipped with the necessary equipment for sailing and can accommodate vessels of different classes.

Port Dickson is interesting for its historical and natural attractions. Near Blue Lagoon, Tanjung Tuan lighthouse built in the 16th century. Centuries ago by the light of focused the court that entered the port of Malacca. From the observation deck of the lighthouse offers a beautiful panorama of the coast.

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How to get to Port Dickson?

The city stretches along the coast, not far from Seremban. From Kuala Lumpur and Seremban in Port Dickson buses.

Islands of Johor

Squeaky white sand, turquoise water, active underwater life, the rustle of palm leaves. The Paradise Islands of Johor is a typical postcard scenery. Johor like lovers of nature and privacy.

Eastern coast is washed by the South China sea, right here is a chain of small Islands: Sibu, Rawa, Pemanggil, Aur, tinggi, besar, Tengah, Mansiri, Hujung. To these Islands and to the larger – Tioman can be reached from the coastal of Mersing.

Sibu island is famous for lush vegetation and smooth beaches. From Tanjung Leman jetty there is regular ferry. The island is suitable not only for a beach holiday, it is also a find for lovers of diving, surfing and sailing. As the island of Rava, where you can enjoy different types of activities and swim with tropical fish. On Pemanggil catch squid, dive and go for walks in the jungle. Aur island is ideal for scuba diving. Here you can find schools of tuna and Barracuda, sharks with black fin, sea pike. The best season for this is from April to October.

Secluded island, tinggi, besar, Tengah, Hujungis routine in the spirit of Robinson. Nobody is stopping to enjoy the silence.

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How to get to the Islands of Johor?

For starters, you need to get to Mersing. The city is located 138 km North of Johor Baru. From Mersing and Tanjung Leman to the Islands by boat. Berths are accessible from Johor Baru. The journey from KL takes about 6 hours by bus, slightly faster by car. By train you can also get from KL to Kluang and from there to the docks.

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Islands in Terengganu

Terengganu is on the East coast, near the Thai border. The local Islands and places are famous for special Malay flavor. Compared to Thailand it’s quieter, cleaner and less tourists.

Tropical island – Redang, Perhentian, lang Tengah, kapas, Tenga have excellent beaches and interesting underwater world.

The largest island – Redang attracts lush greenery, gorgeous beaches with white sand and clear water. Hotels on the island a bit, it has the intimate atmosphere of a leisurely holiday. From active entertainment – diving and boat trips on catamarans and kayaks. Redang is an archipelago consisting of a group of Islands and is part of the marine Park. Coral reefs and eco-system of the archipelago is securely protected by the state, so the nature here has preserved its original appearance.

The most stylish hotel of Redang is located in the Central part is The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort 5*. For guests there is a fitness club, pools, opportunities for active sports, spas and a beautiful beach.

In the marine reserve is well to scuba dive. Under water you can see giant clams, sea turtles, wrasses, reef sharks with black fin, which are not dangerous to humans.

Other Paradise island next to Redang Perhentian. It’s two Islands – besar and kecil, with its beautiful beaches and developed infrastructure. These Islands are particularly popular with European young people who come here from Thailand. Still half an hour away by boat is a real hidden Paradise – a small island of lang Tengah. Local places also have coral reefs, so here you can scuba dive and observe the marine life.

Hotel Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa 5* — the only five-star resort with good Spa facilities on the island.

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How to get to the Islands of Terengganu?

From Kuala Lumpur and head to Kuala Terengganu. Merang is the main transit point (with good hotels on the coast) between the mainland and the Islands of Redang and lang Tengah. If you eat at Perhentian need to get to the Kuala Besut jetty. Buses run regularly to the centres from the capital. The cities of Kota Bharu and Kuala Terengganu, you can fly flights Air Asia.

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