How to choose equipment for trekking


If you plan on trekking, then the choice of equipment for this event should be treated carefully. Reliable and well-chosen shoes, clothes protecting from the rain and wind, comfortable, lightweight backpack – the important travel stuff, which directly affect the safe progress of the trip.

How to choose Hiking boots

Going to the track, it makes no sense to skimp on good shoes – you have to go a long time, it’s important to be in shape for the entire route. But if the shoes uncomfortable, it can also affect overall health.

Depending on the load and complexity of the route of any popular brand offers a good range of shoes for trekking (Garmont, Jack Wolfskin, Salomon, La Sportiva). Most of them have a thin membrane layer for protection against moisture. Boots with membrane convenient in case of rainy or snowy weather. However, it is believed that shoes with the membrane has not the best ventilation. Therefore, to feet were comfortable recommended to wear special Hiking socks.

Experienced trekkers suggest that the larger the volume of the backpack, the better to protect the ankles. If the route goes through snowy or icy surface, the shoes should be provide attachment for cats. Believed that buying shoes in advance to have time to post and go to the track in the usual shoes.

Going to the track, it is important to choose a Shoe that will meet the expected route. For example, for light Hiking in the Crimean mountains simple approach trekking sneakers, and if you plan on climbing in the Himalayas and crossing impassable areas with gravel, it is better to buy a reliable mountain boots.

Trekking shoes can be of different types:

light trekking shoes

protective Hiking boots

mountain boots for serious climbing

mountaineering boots for extreme conditions

Light trekking shoes suitable for walking on easy mountain paths and tracks. Usually they are comfortable and durable, if not use them for serious Hiking with rocky areas. Important elements: protection sock extra padding, a rigid heel counter for stability of the foot, hard soles and a small height for convenience. In these sneakers, you can go to the nature and to walk several miles a day on a simple mountain path.

to quickly choose the right size on Amazon, click on the Size Chart

Waterproof trekking shoes KEEN Women’s Targhee II for women

Leather Hiking shoes Vasque Men’s Mantra 2.0 for men

Protective Hiking boots are used for more serious sections of the road is walking over rough terrain and mountain areas without trails.

It is important not to twist the ankle by tripping over a stone. So those boots above are nice lacing, fairly stiff sole, and a protective layer against ingress of moisture and small stones. Usually these shoes are made of leather and have a breathable insert fabric. Walk in them in multi-day hikes.

Ultra-waterproof for Hiking boots Vasque Women’s Talus Trek UltraDry women

Waterproof boots for Hiking KEEN Women’s Revel III in cold weather for women

Waterproof breathable Hiking boots KEEN Men’s Durand Mid WP leather case for men

Mountain boots for serious climbing more difficult and are designed to pass complicated route on the mountain slopes and rocky canyons.

The main function of these boots protect the legs from damage. These shoes are usually made of genuine leather, great ankle support due to the height and have a thick sole with coarse tread for walking on the most difficult sections of the route.

Waterproof mountain boots for Hiking Clorts Women’s Outdoor Nubuck GTX Backpacking Boots for women

Waterproof mountain boots for Hiking Vasque Men’s Summit GTX made of genuine leather for men

Climbing boots

easy to walk on due to its stiffness and are used for climbing at extreme sections of the route. They are very robust design, the insulated layer, the stiffness of the sole. Usually they are used for trekking across the icy surface.

Mountaineering boots La Sportiva Trango Alp Evo GTX is of high quality rough skin with a silicone spray for women

Climbing shoes with an innovative flexible 3D design La Sportiva Men’s Nepal Evo GTX genuine leather for men

Popular brands of shoes for trekking:

GORE-TEX, La Sportiva, Salomon, Meindl, Scarpa, The North Face, Garmont, Jack Wolfskin, Salewa, Merrell, Keen, Patagonia

 Choose clothes for trekking

As for clothes, it should be lightweight, windproof and resistant to moisture. To stay warm and dry during mountain walks, you can use the concept of three layersthe base, warming and protective.

Typically, a base layer (thermal underwear) is in contact with the skin, forming a microclimate and does not allow moisture to come through. The heating layer provides extra warmth. And the top layer protects from wind and rain.

Summer in the mountains it’s best to bring a hat and sunscreen.

Reliable wind – and waterproof pants great save from the wind and rain in changeable mountain conditions. These pants are suitable for both hot weather and cool, windy. Thermal socks made of synthetics perfect moisture transport and dry quickly.

As outerwear a good fit windproof jacket with a hood. Windproof and waterproof membrane often used in tourist jackets, pants, shoes. Such clothing is waterproof, not blown, has breathable properties, comfortable during physical activity. In such jacket it is possible to actively walk in the rain and not be afraid to get wet.

The best representatives of the: GORE-TEX, Sympatex, eVent, comforex.

Women’s jacket c Marmot GORE—TEX

Men’s jacket c Marmot GORE—TEX

Travel backpack travel

To choose the backpack also need to be taken seriously. In the end, the whole burden will carry you, but beginners often make a common mistake and take in a hike too many unnecessary things.

Usually a good backpack for easy Alpine route has a size of 50-70 liters. It is important that the regulated backpack straps and back making it easy to walk. The empty weight of the backpack should also be easy. Unlike modern backpacks – proper weight distribution to move the load from the shoulders to the hips due to a comfortable waist belt. It relieves the back muscles and the spine during prolonged transitions.

Backpack with rigid internal frame perfectly retains its shape and allows you to properly distribute the weight, so you can carry it easily, and the spine is not loaded once again.

The best backpacks for today makes the German company Deuter, there is still Tatonka, Lowe Alpine, Marmot. These bags have lots of handy sections and pockets, the proper distribution of compartments, a rigid frame for the back, adjustable shoulder straps, waist belt, different colors, models for men and women.

Women’s backpack Deuter ACT Lite 35 litres + 10 litres pocket

Men’s backpack Deuter ACT Lite 50 liter + 10 liter pocket

Tourist sleeping bag

Most likely, a long hike with overnight stays will need a sleeping bag. The best filler for a sleeping bag – definitely fluff.

Down sleeping bags synthetic is easier and it is more durable. Only important to down sleeping bags don’t get wet in the rain, otherwise dry it would take a long time. Choose a sleeping bag with synthetic filling. Synthetic dries faster and it is much more economical in price. Usually shows the following pattern: the lighter and more compact sleeping bag, the higher will be its cost.

When choosing a sleeping bag is to consider its temperature, at what temperature it is usually from -20 to 10 C.

Popular brands: Marmot, Deuter, Coleman, Alps, Montane

Sleeping bag Coleman for temperature 0-20C

Ultralight sleeping bag goose down 800+ Montane Direct Ascent 23F technology PERTEX® Quantum Rip-stop (water repellency + lightness and warmth)

Do you need trekking poles?

Trekking poles are typically used for multi-day hikes. They help to relieve the joints of the feet, knees and lower torso, ease the transition through difficult sections of road, steep slopes and help keep the balance during descents.

Popular brands: Black Diamond, Leki.

Trekking poles Black Diamond

Tents and other climbing equipment may not always be necessary and sometimes it is possible to hire or the company that organizes the trip.

Headlamp Black Diamond Storm

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