How to choose a travel guide for independent travel


Perhaps no one serious journey, not without a good guide. If before any trip turned into a study of the region, today the world’s major attractions, as godforsaken wilds of the Amazon has already been described. And not to miss out on all the fun, to get an idea about the history, culture and traditions of the country, and to always have an accurate map of the city, just look to the store and choose a good guidebook.

However, not all guides perform their function to inform travelers about the location of interesting places. A large part of the books is not even fit for a superficial acquaintance with the country. And certainly not every guide is perfect for road. It’s one thing to see the beautiful illustrations and read informative facts about the country, and quite another to be able to competently use the information, use it to quickly move across the region and deep immersion in the culture. If the guide is incomplete and inaccurate, there is a risk to miss important sites, or do not find desirable.

High-quality travel guide for independent travel primarily focuses on the relevance and completeness of the information. Such guides are always well thought out logical structure, good and complete map. The information is supplied correctly. It is not only cultural-historical facts, but also practical tips and advice for any traveler is able to arrange the trip.

Colorful illustrated guides on expensive paper is not suitable for practical use in the journey.

Glossy gibuci a good read before a trip to make a rough itinerary and feel the road mood. Or donate to a holiday friend who is fond of travelling – thick books with quality illustrations are always fun to leaf through at home. And bright informative book you can take a plane instead of a magazine or flip through on the beach.

Bright travel guides Dorling Kindersley
The best informative guides:

  • Illustrated British travel guides Dorling Kindersley
  • A series of guides, National Geographic Traveller popular scientific content
  • British series of travel guides for Thomas cook (Thomas Cook) in a compact format
  • A series of Insight Guides with high-quality color printing and atmospheric photographs
  • Series window on the world with an impressive collection of photos by country
  • (Deluxe edition) Lonely Planet , vivid illustrations, and ideas travel

Another format of the guides is information books with detailed and clear maps. It is convenient to take to travel independently and to use information for practical purposes – to find some hidden deep in the unfamiliar streets attraction.

On you can see and buy books for tourists, guides, maps cities of the world, books about the sights, choose gift books for travelers with cognitive content and illustrations, guides to the Crimea and Russia, phrasebooks, travel notes and reading the road.

Information guides:
Lonely Planet

By far the best option for independent travelers – the Lonely Planet series. The guides cover all the countries of the world, not so long ago, even published a book The World with an overview of the most interesting places on the planet.

The story Lonely Planet started in 1972 with a small tour through Asia. The concept of guides was conceived as information to help poor travelers to correctly calculate the budget travel and save money. The guides proved so popular that today the headquarters of the company has grown to 300 people. Early books gave advice about saving on travel, but the latest versions contain more original and even expensive places (hotels and restaurants).

Every 3 years guides updated with the latest information. The book has all the necessary information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, transportation schedules and rates. A big plus of the series is a good card, where you can find all described by the authors objects. Since 2012, the Lonely Planet came to be translated into Russian language. So a few guides for popular countries are already available in the Russian version.

A significant disadvantage of paper guidebooks “lonely Planet” — a heavy volume, although this problem is easily solved by buying the electronic version.

Rough Guides

Guides Rough Guides is something between guides for budget travellers and thick popular science books. The main audience – affluent travelers who are interested to find unusual places or to stay in an authentic historic hotel, which will cost more budget guesthouses featured in Lonely Planet.

The authors of the Rough Guides as the founder of the series mark Ellingham, cultivate the idea of a more thoughtful and unhurried journey. If you are traveling with a Lonely Planet for the most part, those who are interested in active trips and different routes in the spirit of the classic backpackersthe, ratovskii guides are more suitable for targeted Europeans. By the way, European countries have Rough Guides described deeper than the competition.

At Rough Guides, there are publications on more than 100 countries and cities, and popular versions are available in Russian. In the books there is also information as practical (with maps), and cultural and historical character.


American popular series of travel guides founded by Arthur Frommer’s in 1957.

Initially, the guides were published to help travelers who want to see the world and save money. Gradually the popularity of the series began to increase. Today 350 published guides to different countries and cities. In addition, the guides Frommer’s neither time he popped up in the movie.

The content of the publications focused on the middle class. Inside details of hotels and restaurants. The guide is ideal for traveling in Europe by car, there are interesting routes. In General, the travel guides Frommer’s help travelers who do not have problems with the English language and do not think much about saving on the trip.


Unusual Bradt travel guide in English for those who are going to wild country and tours non-tourist places. The first book in the series was written in 1974 by George and his wife Hilary Bradt during a trip to the Amazon. Science pays a lot of attention, the authors describe in detail the plants, wildlife and history of origin of the great river. After wild Brazil and Peru have been described in detail, African countries, Asia, Australia, America, the Caribbean, and then the Arctic, Galapagos Islands, Madagascar, British Isles. There are several books Bradt translated into Russian language (Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Belarus and others).

In the books, much attention is devoted to the descriptions of the traditions and customs of the inhabitants, natural attractions and the most remote corners of the planet. The publication is hardly suitable for novice travelers, but it will be a useful guide for the brave adventurers. If the use ever guides.


A trendy series of guidebooks in Russian. Publications Posters well to travel the world metropolises like Paris, London, Amsterdam, new York. Guides describing popular tourist routes and the main cultural and historical places.

So, with Poster in the bag you will always know where to find the most trendy restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels, pubs, art galleries, museums and local hangouts. Practical information is given here is not the first place, rather the emphasis is on Russian-speaking audience with interests in the field of culture and modern trends in it. The poster is good to take with you on a short vacation to a European capital like light entertaining reading, but the guide is not good for thoughtful routes and deep immersion in the country.

Other popular series of guidebooks for independent travel in English — Around the world Red Guide.

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