French Polynesia: Bora Bora – the jewel of the Southern seas


French Polynesia: Bora Bora – the jewel of the Southern seas


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Undoubtedly the most famous island in Polynesia Bora Bora is a place of remarkable beauty, luxury, recreation and privacy on the sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

This tiny island is a true gem of the South seas, he draws you into its warm embrace all romantics of the world who come to experience the feelings, which should be in a true tropical Paradise.

One look at the island and you will be forever enchanted by the beauty of Bora Bora. When approaching the island from the air, the audience is breathtaking from this view: a huge coral reef as the emerald, dotted with islets that surround the main island like a string of pearls. In the centre stands majestically famous mount Otemanu, rising sharply out of the gentle lagoon.

Lagoon is an unimaginable palette of blue, sapphire and turquoise. Beneath the surface of the water column, huge coral formations – these colorful gardens abound with a variety of brightly coloured fish. There is only one navigable passage in this huge lagoon, so it is always calm waters, and coral reefs with their complex and dynamic marine life remain untouched and protected.

Bora Bora is probably the most beautiful place in the world. Luxury resorts are known for their over-water bungalows, provide the ideal conditions for guests. Come here to spend their honeymoon or romantic weekend to propose. On Bora Bora everything is provided for creating a romantic atmosphere: secluded Bungalow, deserted beaches with perfect sand and turquoise waves, the abundance of fragrant flowers and tropical fruits. Bora-Bora hold lavish and colourful wedding ceremony according to ancient Polynesian traditions, which bring the admiration and joy in love.

This enchanting island boasts a calm, relaxing atmosphere that instantly gives your visitors a feeling of total tranquility. Bora Bora leaves indelible impression on all who visited here. Tourists always want to take part of Bora Bora Is home with me, and they always leave a part of yourself on this island.

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