Florence is a city – Museum


Florence is a city – Museum

We can say that Florence is a Museum town, since almost every street is a scenic spot or a historical building.

Ponte Vecchio or “Old bridge” is the most recognizable in all of Florence. The present stone bridge with bunk shops was founded in 1345 on the spot where the old wooden bridge. Till the end of XVI century, the trade on this bridge occurred very often, but the smell from the goods started to irritate the rulers of Florence.

Since then, trade on the bridge was allowed only for jewelers. When was the second world war, playing a German troops did not touch the bridge, whereas other bridges of the city were littered with the remains of the exploded buildings. And during the flood which occurred in 1966, suffered most of all jewelers as the water washed away from the base of the bridge of their shops and stores of jewels.

The statue of David is the symbol of Florence, the author was Michelangelo. The original one from 1504 to 1873 years, was on the Central square Piazza della Signora. Today, instead of the original on the square is a copy. All the tourists can see the original in the Accademia Gallery. And another statue of David is on the other side of the Arno river, namely, on the observation deck, where the magnificent landscape of the city.

Piazza della Signora is one of the most beautiful places of the city. The square is decorated with the Neptune fountain and a replica of the statue of David. And most importantly her jewelry is made in the form of the Loggia dei Lanzi with different copies of the statues of the Renaissance and the ancient Greek type.

Walking around Florence is worth a visit and Boboli Gardens located behind the Pitti Palace. They rise at a sharp slope. The gardens are colourful sculptures, which many working fountains. You can also visit the grotto, which is an island with a small garden in the center of the lake.

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