Fear of Travelling – How would you deal with it?

Hodophobia – when a dream goes unrealized… 

No. It is not a medical condition. It is the intense fear of travelling. I can sense you are amused. But, it is true. Some people are indeed affected by Hodophobia and I would say they are the most pitiful and unfortunate souls who cannot experience what a lovely sight of hillside could do to their eyes and heart or what a beautiful waterfall would feel like on their scalp. So unfortunate, isn’t it?

Hodophobia is a personalized condition – it may be a fear of going the distance or flying, taking a train/bus/boat or even the thought of taking a trip. Like most other fears, Hodophobia is also caused by a traumatic or shocking incident that had occurred earlier during a trip or travel. It might also be due to watching others go through life-altering changes in reality or in movies/television while on a trip. The incident acts as a trigger each time a trip is planned and may cause as simple as mild discomfort and nausea to even a big panic attack and outburst. Hodophobia also develops due to the fact that there would be no control of events outside one’s comfort zone that is their city, home or office. In such cases, the phobia is more pronounced and can cause severe physical deterioration in health conditions such as stomach distress, vomiting or even high blood pressure and anxiety attack.

Surviving and overcoming Hodophobia could be tough but it is very much possible with the help of psychological therapy. Seeking professional help is not at all to be embarrassed about. They are qualified and available for helping us. Break free from your shell and consult a therapist. Get involved in art therapy. Make sketches and paintings of landscapes and views. Any day, curiosity and love can be great motivation for you to get past your worst fears. Plan your trips with someone you love or to visit a place or cultural, artistic or scientific importance that were on your ‘will never miss’ places to visit.

Few things you can take with that would make your trip less frightening would be

  • Carrying your inspirational music with you.
  • Keeping a travel organizer with detailed flow charts as to what to do when something goes wrong or out of your control.
  • Having enough medical supplies.
  • Ensuring you have good sleep at night to avoid cranky mornings. 
  • Drinking coffee is known in some sources to have a calming effect on one’s fears. Try that and see if it works on you. 
  • Not indulging in alcohol or drugs at all or at least during the trip can be very helpful. 
  • And lastly, carry your ‘Juju’, something that you feel keeps you safe, like a sock, handkerchief or anything for that matter. Don’t care if others call you superstitious. It is, afterall, your fear, your ‘juju’ and your life!

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