Crete | Walking in Paleochora Town


If you'd like a taste of the rocky south coastof Crete, you could do worse than stroll through Paleohora near the southwesternmost pointof the island, famous for its superb beaches.

Here, too, stands a ruined Venetian castlethat's fun to explore, especially at sunset when the ghosts of the warriors are said toloom out of the shadows.

Paleohora itself is a pleasant-looking resort sitting on aflat promontory.

The best walk is along the waterfront westwards,past the castle to a series of beachfront cafes and tavernas facing the Libyan Gulf.

Sitting there, you can watch the small passenger boats come and go to other villages on thesouth coast of Crete.

Alternately, you can walk through the fieldsand vineyard just north of the town.

Who knows but that you just might come across a secludedlittle eating place known to just a few people?.

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