Crete | The Natural History Museum of Crete in Heraklion


The Heraklion Natural History Museum can b efound conveniently near the port, within strolling distance of the ferry dock.

So if you happen to have a couple of hours before your boat leaves, this museum helps them pass pleasantly.

Those who desire science will find a full range of Cretan finds including prehistoric animals, flowers and plants.

There’s an anthropology section and one for minerals and geology, with dioramas to illustrate life on the islandmany aeons ago.

Pride of place is taken by a six-and-a-halfmetre long dinosaur skeleton discovered in the east Crete and now being painstakinglyreassembled by Greek and foreign palaeontologists.

To add a bit of excitement, you can experience a seismic simulator that mimics an earthquake and tells you what to do when one hits.

A piece of advice useful in Crete.

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