Crete | Sitia Archaeological Museum


Eastern Crete is the part of the island that was most highly developed under the ancient Minoan civilization.

So it follows that some of the most fascinating relics can be found in Sitia Archaeological Museum.

It’s a small, functional building featuring a host of fascinating finds from the Minoan palace at nearby Zakros.

You can also see Egyptian influence in some of the statues and ceramics.

You can get a glimpse of more than 4,000 years of history in Sitia museum, from the earliest Cretan civilization to the late Roman period.

You can also see how the area interacted with other Mediterranean centres such as Rhodesand Cyprus.

The Sitia archaeological museum is most famousfor the only statue of Zeus depicting him as a teenager made entirely out of ivory and gold.

The archaeological museums of eastern Creteare generally of richer content than those in the west, so the Sitia Archaeological Museumal though being small, well repays a look in.

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