Crete | Macha Beach


Macha beach is a hidden and totally secludedtreasure located in the southern shores of Asterousia mountains.

It is about 75 Km southof Heraklion and 3 Km east of Kali Limenes.

Drive your car all the way to Kali Limenesand then follow the signs to Chrisostomos.

About 100 m on the central beach of Chrisostomos,called Lassea, to the east there is a narrow dirt road which leads to Macha.

Macha beach is pebbly with magnificent coloured waters and underwater beauty.

Discoveringthe seabed with a mask is an amazing experience.

There is absolutely no touristic amenitiesand most of the time the beach is empty.

The big rock on the east side provides shade andprotection from the strong sun.

Macha is definitely worth visiting!.

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