Crete Islands The Incredible Beach of Greece | Amazing Holiday Experience Beach


Crete is the largest Greek island of Greece,located in the southern side of the Aegean Sea.

One of the most popular destinations of thecountry, holidays in Crete is the dream of a lifetime for millions of tourists.

However, despite the tourist development insome places, Crete Greece also keeps intact its unique character.

Its long history has left evident marks onthe greek island: Minoan palaces, Venetian towns, Medieval Castles, Ottoman mosques andByzantine monasteries constitute the most important sightseeing.

And of course the most distinctive characteristicis the beaches.

With a rich historical and cultural background,Crete island is a wonderful place with distinctive differences from the rest of Greece in termsof customs, daily life and nature.

Crete holidays is an amazing experience andwill give you valuable moments to cherish.

Located on the southern side of Greece, thisis the largest island of the country and highly developed in tourism, without losing its traditionalcharacter though.

The beaches of Crete island are world famousfor their crystal water and the relaxing atmosphere.

No matter which region of the island you arevisiting, you will certainly find the best beach for yor holiday.

Organized or secluded, easy or tricky to reach,sandy or pebbled, all beaches have something special.

Particularly impressive will be the tripsto Balos, Elafonissi, Falassarna, Preveli and Vai, where you will be amazed by the naturalbeauty and the exotic water of these beaches.

View our travel guide of Crete beaches andfind information about some of the best beaches in Greece.

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