Crete | Anogia Village


Anogia is a large village in the northernfoothills of Mount Psiloritis, the highest mountain in Crete.

It's a place where youcan still detect the rural Crete of old.

Anogia has been the centre of a local wool industry,and many homes still have weaving looms.

Stroll around the cafes and you'll see examplesof the traditional Cretan male, black-shirted and with fierce eyebrows, sipping the ubiquitousraki.

They look like this because Anogeia has a history of resistance to invaders, whichit paid for heavily in 1944 when the Nazis massacred most of its population.

Anogia is 54 kilometres from Rethymno, aboutan hour by car or bus.

Oddly enough, though a part of Rethymno province, it's closer toHeraklion in distance.

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