Cozy Spanish resort of Blanes


Cozy Spanish resort of Blanes

Not far from Barcelona is a cozy and quiet town of Blanes. At this resort almost all year round the sun shines gently and washed it pleasant Mediterranean sea.

All this and warm temperate climate promotes remarkable favorable rest. By the way, blows here sometimes wind, not even among tourists cause great inconvenience, on the contrary, create cool on very hot days.

In Blanes with its centuries-old history of the many attractive sights. For example, the remaining ruins of the castle, which belonged to the viscounts de Corbera been around for thousands of years. But if you climb to the watchtower of San Juan, built in the XI century, you can admire the magnificent and spectacular view of almost the entire city and even surrounding area. The city also has many magnificent and beautiful churches (Santa Maria, Santa Barbara) and monasteries (St Anne’s in the Gothic style).

In the Old town in Marbella is the perfect place to walk among the narrow and unique medieval streets, wrapping partly for a short time in the atmosphere of the past centuries.

Though this city is small but there is entertainment here for everyone. In addition to the study of historical attractions, if you want peace and solitude, you can look at one of the Botanical gardens to further enjoy the natural beauty of the city. But if you come with children, there is also a modern Aqua parks of the city or take them on a wonderful show at the Dolphinarium.

The beaches in this peaceful and pretty town occur, both sandy and pebbly and sometimes separated by a cozy and charming coves. As in most resort towns you can relax, swim and sunbathe, and engage in your favorite active sports. For example, diving enthusiasts will certainly pleasant and exciting to watch such a huge variety of underwater wildlife that inhabits here: colorful fish, Moray eels, starfish, octopi and hedgehogs. But the beauty and charming elegance of the coast you can see the white boats and yachts, book a tour.

By the way, if you are in Blanes in July, you can witness a spectacular fireworks festival, always pleasing to both tourists and the local population.

So if you like to relax in a small and charming towns, the rest in Blanes will be a great option for you.

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