Cities and places recommended to visit in Germany


Cities and places recommended to visit in Germany



If you are important on vacation together with a wonderful nature and delicious food and also quality service with rich a visit to the romantic, fairytale-like historical places, you can recommend to explore this very interesting country like Germany. Even before the nineteenth century modern Germany was not a unified country was split into 16 different States, each of which had its own special flavor, its own distinctive food culture, their traditions. That these historic features and to make a trip to Germany special pretty.


To learn all the secret, mysterious and unsolved places and towns of Germany during the first journey, you are unlikely to work, so, first of all, let us consider the most fascinating. The heart of country is a business and elegant city of Frankfurt am main and Wiesbaden. They are attractive because they have a beautiful historic center and enviable opportunity for a wonderful shopping with readily available and reasonably priced.

Where else can you go and relax, so it is in the thermal pools of Wiesbaden, in the lovely, fabulous and cozy town of Limburg, also to fly over the vineyards at the Rhine, swim by boat among the castles of the middle Ages. Visit also beautiful and carrying a German city – Dresden. Visit its old and new parts, sit in his street eateries and cafes, walk in parks and gardens along the river Elbe on the amazing complex of palaces, Zwinger. The same walk along the charming seaside boardwalk Bruise the Terrace will allow a deep and subtle German to feel the taste of life. But in Meissen, on the eponymous porcelain factory you will be able to enjoy the beauty and the highest art of the craftsmen who manufactured the first in Europe porcelain.

The culmination of the journey through Germany should be amazing Bavaria, the beauty of which is impossible to convey in words. It should, of course, to see and to contemplate, with interest, soaking up all the secrets and mysteries of this amazing land. After all, which are just fabulous and marvelous the famous Bavarian castles of Ludwig, which is admired by all tourists coming here are already not the first year.

So in which city of Germany you would go walking on them you will undoubtedly have an unforgettable and memorable experience of travelling in this European country.

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