8 Ultimate Secretive Places You Can Never See

Restricted! Prohibited! No Trespassing allowed!! We sure have seen such sign boards by private owners in our city but the following list of places are secretive to the utmost level that there is not literature of how they look, where to find them or whether at all they exist. Read on…

1. Vatican Secret Archives:

The Vatican Secret Archives are said to have mass volumes of books and information spanning hundreds of years of religious and political texts. It is sad to contain 83 Km of shelving length and 35,000 volumes of select catalogue alone. Despite the name, the prohibition pertains only to entry but not the viewing of literature or documents housed in the archive.

2. Area 51, U.S.A:

This place in Nevada, U.S.A, is the most conspired about location in America. Nick-named ‘Area 51’, it is known to be a restricted military airbase that is said to be an aircraft and weapon testing station.  The secrecy behind its existence as portrayed by the U.S government has made this place even more famous among conspiracy theorists of the country and is often connected to Alien research and UFO spotting hypotheses.

3. Bureau 39, North Korea:

Bureau 39 or Room 39 is North Korea’s most secretive organizations that functions under its Chairman of National Defence Commission, Kim Jong-Il to obtain foreign currency and work for ‘court economy’ that is known as the country’s lynchpin idea. It is believed to be so secretive to mask the many illicit and underground dealings to make money around the world through laundering, illegal arms sales and drug trafficking too. It functions directly under Kim but the family continuously denies any illicit activities of even the existence of Room 39.

4. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan:

Source: WikiMedia
Ise Grande is a series of 100 shrines, which dates back to 4 B.C. It is dedicated to the Sun goddess of Amaterasu. It is believed to be demolished and rebuilt every 20 years keeping in accordance with the Japanese Shinto ideology of death and re-birth. Unless you belong to the imperial Japanese royal blood or one of the priests/priestesses, you can never enter this holy shrine, nor can anyone know how it looks from the inside. Truly a mystery!

5. RAF Menwith Hill, England:

This British Military base is a site for electronic monitoring and missile tracking. It also acts as a base for the United States NSA for housing its satellites for National Reconnaissance work. It is conspired among many theorists to have a ground station to monitor all communication and radio signal both public and private under the ECHELON network, thus surpassing all privacy policies within the country and even beyond. The whole town is off limits to civilians and no one would ever know if it could be violated as there is no way out once you have trespassed.

6. Snake Island, Sao Polo, Brazil:

Venomous snakes are nightmares even to the worst of villainous people around the world and the Snake Island in Brazil is a hell in itself. Infested with innumerable poisonous golden lancehead pit vipers, a species very rare and dangerous, the island is a threat to anyone who sets foot on it. Only scientists on academic and research purposes are allowed to visit there under the permission of Brazilian Navy. The gory and dramatic death of the island’s lighthouse keeper and his family has caused the authority to take down the lighthouse too

7. Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant, Ethiopia:

Source: WikiMedia
According to Exodus, the Ark of the Covenant is believed to be the chest that contains the tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed and carried by Moses from Mount Sinai for deliverance. The Ark is said to be most important scripture because of its feature in both Judaism and Islam. It is said to be is a protected and sacred Axum in Ethiopia for centuries now and sits next to the Chapel of St. Mary of Zion somewhere in Northern part of the country. There are questions of whether the Ark is real or fake or if at all it exists but the Axum is said to be restricted to everyone.

8. North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands:

Source: WikiMedia
Going to an unknown place can be very tough let alone not being welcomed there. North Sentinel is one of those islands in the Andaman group of islands and is said to be home of native tribals called Sentinalese who do not have or wish to have any contact outside of their island and even go to the extent of being harmful to those to set foot in their island. There are citations of being faced with a rain of arrows by the locals when a crew of documentary film technicians approached the land. Hospitality is a definite negative there.
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