8 Most Spectacular Sunrise/Sunset Views


The rising sun is a source of great and powerful energy, not just physically but also spiritually and psychologically. Vitamin D is said to have a major effect on our health, physiologically and neurologically. But most important of all, the sun sets a mood in us. Sunrise causes us to wake for a fresh start and sunset makes a perfect adieu to a beautiful day well spent. Here are a few places where the view of sunrise/sunset is so breathtaking that you could fall in love for no reason but just being there.

1. Samoa:

Courtesy – www.masatenisi.org
Samoa island is the first place in the world to see sunrise since Cape Milinu’u on the island is the westernmost point. Being said so, the sunsets are said to be even more spectacular, which I would conclude too seeing this picture. It all looks like a philosophical technicolor fade-out of the day. Samoa used to be under the control of New Zealand but has been independent since 1962.

2. Trans-Siberian Railway Line: 



This longest rail network spanning 9289 Km in length, connecting Moscow with far east Russian seaboard has some of the spine-chilling views and scenery alongside. It also boasts of hosting one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Russian countryside that looks almost as if out of a poetry book. 

3. Gokyo Ri, Everest Region

Courtesy – www.wou.edu

It is one of the highest peaks and most popular treks in the Everest region. People try to make it through the dark and before sunset to the peak just to have the magnificent view of sun’s curtain-lifting. It is such an amazing feeling to watch the source of warmth from the cold high point.

4. Cappadocia, Turkey

Courtesy – dailymail.co.uk

The spectre of Cappadocia can be caught in the early hours. The most beautiful of sunrises can be seen here from a balloon ride and the experience is simply breath-taking. The first glimpse of the fast-rising sun from an altitude can be quite thrilling.


5. Lakeland, Finland:

Courtesy – visitfinland.com

With about 1,87,888 lakes, Finland offers major proportion of great sunrises in the world. This land of midnight sun is an absolute must to visit if you are a sucker for sunrise views. Finns are so desperate and wait all year for midsummer to catch the midnight sun and skinny dip in the lake. But definitely worth the wait, isn’t it?


6. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Courtesy – www.graylinehalong.com

Ha Long Bay is actually one of the most crowded places in Vietnam specially to see the sunsets, people come in thousands. But there is a way out. Venture kayaking into the waters by renting kayaks or take on a cruise ride and there is your uninterrupted view of the sun setting over your head in the middle of the bay, right in front of your eyes in a maxed out version.

7. Cook Islands

Courtesy – travelskyline.net

Part of New Zealand by free will, Cook Island looks like it is right out of a painting. There are few places like it that instills a sense of hope when seeing into the horizon, watching the sun rise and grow into a giant red ball of possibilities and power. It is something of a marvel, truly.


8. Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

Courtesy – www.guatemalavolcano.com
There are treks upon this volcano by guided professionals to watch the sunset. It is so immensely hot to stand even for a few minutes to watch that you could get skin burns. Constant movement is required just to come out of the region without skin damage. But it is all worth it to catch the most amazing sunset.

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