7 Splendid Places for Hollywood Movie Buffs

So, you know Bruce Willis’ name in the Die Hard series and how Nicholas Cage solved the ‘City of Gold’ mystery in National Treasure? Do you consider yourself a movie-fanatic? Then, you will be thrilled to read on. Our current article is about 7 most famous places that were featured in the most iconic motion pictures in the past. You ready to travel? Here we go !

1.   Alnwick Castle, Scotland (Hogwarts exterior – Harry Potter series):

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The Alnwick Castle in Scotland is the seat of the Duke of Northumberland and is a listed home of the county. Although its year of completion could not be traced, it dates back to the early 12th century in literature. After WWII, part of the castle houses the current Duke and the remaining parts have been used for educational and religious purposes. Currently, it is open to public as a place of tourist interest and ever since its appearance as the exterior (and some interior) face of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter Series, it has had thousands of tourists. The nearby Alnwick Garden has also been attracting visitors and the castle now serves as a wedding venue too. All you HP fanatics, care for a fancy wedding, eh?

2. Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, England (Wayne Manor – Batman series):

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The name Wollaton Hall would not ring a bell to you but Wayne Manor most definitely will. It is a country house in Nottingham, England and was built between 1580 and 1588 in Elizabethan style for the family of a local industrialist in the area. Since 1926, it has been open to public and has been the venue for the Nottingham Natural History Museum.  It has garnered more public attention after being featured as the Wayne Manor in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy movies. Would you be interested going there in search of ‘the Caped Crusader’?

3. Kauai Island, Hawaii, U.S.A (The Jurassic Park):

Kauai is the 4th largest and the oldest of the islands that make up Hawaii. It features as Attenborough’s proposed park site for the dinosaur revival research in the movie Jurassic Park, frightening the hell out of all of us. Apart from the dino-fame, the island also featured in the George Clooney starrer ‘The Descendants’. The lush green landscapes and hills, though the leftovers of a hurricane, still looks beautiful and serene. Also known as the ‘Garden Isle’, tourism contributes to the 
major portion of Kauai’s economy.

4. Timberline Lodge, Oregon, U.S.A (The Overlook Hotel – The Shining):

Source: WikiMedia
The constant chant of ‘redrum’ making you go crazy and the famous yell, “Here’s Johnny” scaring the hell out of your guts would be sure enough memories of this place. The Overlook hotel featured in the classic thriller ‘The Shining’ starring Jack Nicholson was the Timberline Lodge in Oregon. This place was built as early as 1938 and has ever since been a major winter sport attraction due to its vast natural skiing landscape around it. It has the longest skiing season in the USA and is an attraction for snowboarders and hikers too.

5. Matamata, New Zealand (Hobbiton – The Lord of the Rings series):

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This rural town in New Zealand shot to fame after being portrayed as Hobbiton in the Lord of the Rings series of movies. The sets made in the town were never taken down and still there to attract tourists. Some tourist operators arrange for special Hobbiton tours in the area with guides and one-of-a-kind movie-themed walks.

6. Peddocks Island, Massachusetts, U.S.A (The Shutter Island):

Source: WikiMedia
When Federal Marshal Teddy Daniels arrives on this island looking to investigate the disappearance of a dangerous man, the place looks chilling enough for audience and seems haunted, lonely and scary. The Shutter Island featured in the Martin Scorcese movie is the Peddocks Island off the Boston Harbor in MA, U.S.A. Originally inhabited by Native Americans prior to colonial era, the island houses Fort Andrews, a WWII defence fort. Until the filming of the movie, the island was low-key and now, after the renovation in 2011, it has become quite visitor-friendly.

7. Angkor Thom, Cambodia (The Temple – Lara Croft: Tomb Raider):

Angkor Thom (meaning ‘Great City’) is the capital city of Khmer empire and was established by King Jayavarman VII. Lying on the west bank of Siam Reap river, it is about 2 km away from the famous Angkot Wat heritage site. The bayon style architecture is truly wonderful and abstract which is a treat to artful eyes and photographers. It left the viewers in awe in the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie and also serves as an inspiration for the interface design for Lara Croft video game modules.
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    Both Gloucester Cathedral and Christ Church in Oxford are essential places to visit for Potter fans in the UK!

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