5 Things To Know When You Travel To India

While travelling to any country, it is good to know or learn few things about the place – something that you should not miss and that you should avoid. Similarly, there are few things foreign tourists should know about India. India is a vast land, many languages and cultures, amazing natural landscapes and diverse people. So, when you are planning a trip to India, remember these things.

1. Indian tradition, values and religious beliefs:

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India is rich in culture and values. When you visit friends in India or just go there as a traveller, you need to keep that in mind, even if you don’t believe them, you could al the least respect them. In most Indian households, it is customary to leave your footwear outside just like while visiting temples (Hindu place of worship). Photography inside the temple’s sanctum sanctorum is prohibited although the corridors and pillars can be photographed. While India is a free nation, it is culturally frowned upon to wear provocative clothing especially in temples.

2. Indian food:

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Indian food is absolutely amazing but not every stomach agrees with spices. Be cautious when indulging in curries or meat as it might upset your intestine as well as the day planned ahead. Indian street food is one of the tastiest but it could be contaminated as well. You need to know well where to eat, otherwise, kindly refrain from doing it. Drink only well-packaged mineral water and soft drinks. Check on packaged food for expiry dates each time you buy. Carry digestive pills and other essential medication.

3. Embassy information:

Before you leave for the trip, you must know where your country’s embassy and consulate are located in India. India is a vast country and your consular offices could be quite far. Note down the addresses, phone numbers and name of the Consul General in your planner/mobile phone. Keep a copy of your passport with you at all times.

4. Fraudulent activities:

As much as Indians regret, there are quite a number of fraudulent activities that happen in India especially with tourists. The foremost of them are tour guides. Some people who pose as tour guides could take you for a ride and rip you off your wallet as fee. Next in line are taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers. Contact the hotel’s reception desk and get to know the routes from airport/railway station to your hotel and how much it would cost in a cab to reach there. Third in line are fake handicrafts and antiquities. This is quite common in places of high tourist interests and cultural importance. Refrain from indulging such retailers. There are state-owned handicraft stores in each city. Ask your guide or taxi to take you only there for shopping clothes, crafts and souvenirs, where you can obtain a genuine purchase receipt for anything you buy. If at all you are buying from other shops, bargain effectively before you purchase. The actual price of items would be as less of 25% of the said price. Finally, while walking through crowded streets, beware of pick-pockets and con-artists. Guard your wallet and passport safely.

5. Climatic information:

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Since India is quite vast, different parts of the country have different climatic conditions at the same time. It is essential to carry umbrella/rain jacket, woollen sweaters, sun-screen lotion, pest-repellent cream and moisturizer for your trip. Carry enough tissue paper towels because only your hotel may supply toilet tissues but no other place would.

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