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Hiking in the mountains are very inspiring, and help to develop resilience and to explore new places on the planet. All travelers love the mountains. For some it is a sport and test of endurance, for others Hiking in the mountains – adventure, third – way to relax.

Usually the routes in mountaineering differ in complexity. For beginners suitable for walking in the Crimea and around Mont Blanc, and experienced trekkers travel to the Himalayas to Tian Shan or Altay. If little experience, you can start to go for the simple slides and to pass light trails. The stronger the legs are, the more likely to commit serious climbing.

Trails in the Crimea lightweight — perfect for even the novice trekkers
Mountain Crimea

The route of Perch in Simferopol

Many love mountains begins with the Crimea. It is believed that in these places the routes are simple and everyone can pass them. There are beautiful Crimean nature, combined with the Black sea. Without special training it is possible to hike in the mountains. Spieleonline may need only if you are going inside karst caves in the Central part of the Peninsula.

The most popular route is from Sudak to Sevastopol is about 200 km. It passes through a small village, where at any time you can purchase the products. In Alushta the trail goes on the mountain plateau of Karabi-Yayla and Demerdzhi. Just in Karabi a lot of karst caves. Mountain Demerdzhi there is a very cinematic Ghost Valley – a popular tourist attraction in Crimea. Further, the rate – plateau Chater-Dag and beautiful cave Emine-Bair-Hassan. Passing the valley of cachi, you can get into the Belbek valley and reach the mountain AI-Petri, to look at the Yusupov Palace in Falcon and get to the famous cave cities of Mangup-Kale and Eski-Kermen.

For the campaign in the Crimea need a good detailed map. A pass route on their own without guides in the spring and summer.

Where to start: the flight to Simferopol > bus to Sudak

Trekking in the Himalayas is not only a ring around the Annapurna. You can climb to Everest and go other routes.
Ring of eight-thousanders in the Himalayas

Route from Pokhara (Nepal) to Annapurna base camp

In Nepal many routes. One of the most beautiful and popular among tourists to Annapurna base camp. Up above, you can see the ring of mountains-the Himalayas with eternal snow caps. Trekking in the Himalayas is not the most simple. However, you can receive it, a distance of only 80 km. To the level of 3500 meters will have to climb the steps – it is the local people built them for their own needs. Next to ABC (Annapurna Base Camp) is a normal trail. In the camp you want to stay the night to see the sunrise in the morning the Himalayas.

The route is well marked, there are signs and guesthouses located throughout the stretch of track about an hour from each other. So carry a lot of things not worth it. During stops it is best to eat garlic soup – locals say that it helps with altitude sickness.

Preparation for trekking is best done in Pokhara – on the streets sold all the clothes and equipment for trekking, then the permit the permit for trekking. You need to start from the village of Naya Pool, an hour from Pokhara, there are good maps of the route. In Nepal you can hire porters-porters. In stores everywhere there are water-purification tablets, and from mountain rivers to drink is not recommended.

Where to start: flight to Nepal > Pokhara plane to > the bus to Naya Pul

The ice caps of Kyrgyzstan
Tien Shan, Kazakhstan — Kyrgyzstan

The route from Almaty to lake Issyk-Kul

On the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful mountainous Tien-Shan. Hiking here is developed a very long time, because local agencies and guides have developed many routes – from the simplest for beginners to advanced variants with 6-th category of complexity. To organize the trip costs in local Almaty companies, they offer experienced guides, interesting routes, pickup and delivery of products. After examining all possible options, you can pick up any camping trip. The best time for trekking here is from spring to late autumn.

Hiking to the lakes Jassik-Kel and Issyk-Kul. The first has a nice blue color, and the second is very famous and the largest in the region. All the tracks start from Almaty. Along the way you can see the ski resort Chimbulak, picturesque mountain passes and the river Chon-Kemin. And koumiss, yogurt and hot cakes.

Where to start: the plane to Almaty

Alps is good at any time of the year!
A trip to the Alps

The route from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc around Mont Blanc

The Alps are beautiful at any time of the year. In winter there is Alpine skiing, but spring and summer much love in these parts is Hiking. Mont Blanc attracts mountain-lovers and active recreation is the most popular place for Alpine Hiking. Most of the trekkers come here for the legendary trek around Mont Blanc. Usually these routes are designed for 7-12 days and are suitable for almost everyone. Sections of the path is electrified, there is the road, which means that all the necessary things and food supplies bring the organizers of the jeep.

The tour route begins in Chamonix, then you can pick up any suitable software. Along the way you can admire the glaciers and see the Mont Blanc from France, Italy and Switzerland.

Where to start: the plane to Geneva > train to Chamonix

In late spring mount Fisht is still decorated with snow
Adygea, Caucasus

The route from the Village to the Black sea

Hiking in the Caucasus is very popular. The routes are many and they are all designed for different skill levels – some easy to go to almost all, others require very advanced skills and special equipment. Beginners often start their tour of the Caucasus in Adygea Republic. Climb and then the descent of the Khadzhokh — simple and through the Caucasus to the subtropical Black sea.

If you go through Adygea, you can admire the scenery of the Caucasian biosphere reserve, to go on the Lagonaki plateau, to explore the mountain Oshten, Fisht and Coughs, caves, waterfalls and mountain rivers. The best option to organize such a journey is to use the services of local guides.

Where to start: the plane to Krasnodar > bus to Maykop

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