30 things to try in Kuala Lumpur


Imagine that you were in the capital of Malaysia. You have to spend a few days here and you still don’t know what to do here. If you look at the city more closely, it turns out there are a lot of interesting things, amazing places, exotic food and gorgeous parks.

Take a walk together in the capital of eternal summer?

Sights of Kuala Lumpur can be divided into several categories. It’s parks and walking areas, cultural and architectural sites, entertainment and activities, wine and food — the restaurants and the whole street-food street, and, of course, shopping!

Kuala Lumpur wins a crazy mix of architectural styles: Mughal masterpieces, Victorian palaces and towers, neo-Gothic cathedrals, Islamic, Malay motifs and fashionable high tech. And all this in a hot Equatorial climate, and in one of the greenest cities of Asia.

  • The twin towers Petronas Twin Towers with the bridge Sky Bridge in the middle is a symbol of the Malaysian capital. They can be seen from almost any part of the city. Tenths the height of buildings in the world are often featured in blockbuster movies and stunt.

    The Legendary Petronas Twin Towers

    2. The history of Kuala Lumpur can be found in the city gallery – KL City Gallery. The highlight of the gallery is a multimedia panorama of the city in miniature.

    3. A world-class Museum Islamic Arts Museum with a huge collection of interesting exhibits on the theme of Islamic art.

    4. The best productions, performances and films can be seen in The Actor’s Studio. It is located in the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac).

    5. The world’s largest bird Park (KL Bird Park) under the open dome and the garden with tropical butterflies (KL Butterfly Garden) in a large green Park Lake Gardens.

    Fun marabou Bird Park. Kuala Lumpur.

    6. Colored musical fountains opposite KLCC at the foot Petronas.

    7. Streets of Little India (Little India) – here you can buy spices, saris, Kashmiri shawls, drink masala tea and eat authentic Indian food at the many cafes.

    8. Around the Independence Square (Merdeka Square) lots of interesting Moorish architecture and secret streets. Explore them!

    9. The streets of Chinatown – vivid, bright, chaotic, exotic. There’s a lot of Chinese temples, markets, restaurants with weird food hippies and bekkerov who come here in search of cheap accommodation.

    Chinese temple in Chinatown

    10. Botanical gardens (Perdana Gardenswith fountains, lakes, lawns, flower beds and orchids, trees from different parts of the world, the rainbow eucalyptus, the mouse-deer and tracks for Jogging and walks. Awesome place for nature lovers.

    11. To see wild monkeys in eco Park in Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. Dense tropical rainforests, jungles, mangroves, thickets Heliconia, Paradise birds and funny monkeys.

    12. The mosque of the city is very different and the singing of muezzins can be heard 5 times a day. Especially interesting to visit the National mosque (near the Park Lake Gardens), where all walk in the purple capes, and Jamek mosque in Mughal style at the metro station.

    National mosque Kuala Lumpur

    13. You can admire the panorama of the evening city best tower Menara. In addition to the observation deck in the building has an excellent restaurant with the best view.

    14. Roller coasters and crazy rides inside the shopping Mall Berjaya Times Square. Screams, shouts, laughter, drive.

    15. In a very interesting aquarium, you can admire the marine inhabitants to wander through the tunnel with sharks and stingrays. And for fans of extreme diving with sharks and ride in the cage, Cage Rage.

    16. In the discovery center Petrosains interesting to children and adults. It is possible to conduct different experiments to fly on the flight simulator and learn a lot about different Sciences. Men here can easily turn into 5 year old boys.

    17. Crave extreme? Jump from the height of KL Tower. This is a popular place for base jumpers.

    18. Busy street Petaling with durians, café-bars and a great market.

    19. The most delicious street food you need to look at Jalan Alor – it attracts the whole of Kuala Lumpur, is a popular gourmets in Asia and there is all the fresh seafood, the best barbecue grill, sauteed on stick, thousands of Chinese and Asian dishes, durians Royal variety Mustang king and other preferences of Hedonists.

    20. Street markets, where you have to haggle and huge shopping malls with international brands – Suria KLCC, Ampang Park Shopping Centre, Fahrenheit 88, Pavillion, Strarhill Gallery, Low Yat Plaza. The list is very long. In short, shopping in KL is incredibly interesting. With equal success, here are the latest fetish from Louis Vuitton and original antique ring from a street of Chinese shops.

    21. Try the Roti canai – local pancakes, which are so like lunarcy. This delicacy can be found in street stalls and in decent restaurants.

    22. To visit in KL and not try ice cendol is a crime. This refreshing ice with fruits, caramel color and other additives cools very well in this extremely hot climate.

    23. Go to one of the roof-top bars. KL by night is particularly good, and drink tequila and cosmopolitan best at Marini’s on 57. This adjacent building from Petronas — Petronas Tower 3 and, accordingly, 57th floor with magnificent view of the city.

    24. 11 km North of Kuala Lumpur and are the sacred caves the Batu Caves, which is already 400 million years old. A place with an incredible energy and are a major attraction in Malaysia.

    The most insane water Park in Kuala Lumpur

    25. Water slides, rafting, flying over the pools, the surf beach with artificial waves, rides, a pirate ship, — it’s all there in the water Park Sunway Lagoon Park.

    26. Souvenirs, Antiques, textiles and all kinds of art stuff worth buying on the market Cnetral Market.

    27. The city has a very interesting planetarium just 1 ringit! In addition to visiting the Museum, you can attend fascinating lectures and films about space for a fee.

    28. For a deeper dive into the Malay culture and traditions, you can visit the national Museum. Sumatrana the architecture of the building and a very extensive collection of exhibits.

    29. Zoo Zoo Negara rhinos, leopards, lynxes, giraffes, and hundreds of animals are reared in natural conditions. The Park is huge and walking there all day.

    30. Jazz bars, dance clubs, dinner parties on rooftops, Hawaiian bars in KL has a very active nightlife. Most popular nightspot local: Zouk KL, PISCO Bar, Sky Bar, Rootz, jazz No Black Tie.

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