10 ways to spend time on Koh Tao


The crystal turquoise water of the Gulf of Thailand, coast, rugged, secluded lagoons and large bays, a scattering of huge rocks everywhere, hills and dense jungle, the sea, teeming with various tropical creatures and turtles — all of Koh Tao.

A tiny but very popular and beautiful island in southern Thailand. Climbing on one of the scenic areas in the jungle, with height can be seen the Islands respectable Samui and Phangan party. Their youngest brother in the island group of Ko Tao gained fame through the clear water and abundance of marine life in it. So tourists come here and backpackery for diving.

Certified school with PADI courses here at every step (Big Blue Diving, Crystal Dive resort, Buddha View, ACE Marine Expeditions and others). Perhaps the island can be called one of the best places in Asia where you should start learning to dive from scratch and grow to a instructor.

Diving has started to develop on the island about 20 years ago with the advent of the first companies offering deep sea dives. Gradually the dive school were all over the island. So today you can choose among dozens of courses and negotiate the best price for training. This means that only here are the lowest prices in Thailand.

Even if you never dive with scuba diving and not sure how this is done on Koh Tao can you learn it – everywhere there are suggestions for both beginners and for those who are increasing skills.

Near Koh Tao inhabited by whale sharks, bull and reef sharks with black fin, hawksbill sea turtles, and coral reefs near the shore you can see thousands of iridescent tropical fish. Underwater coral gardens form a unique ecosystem. And plunging to the sunken ships you can explore the ship and sea life around. This can be done at any time of the year except November.

But what to do on the island if you’re not a diver? Or decided to spend more time here after a long training. Below are a few tips on what to do on Koh Tao, in order not to get bored.

1. Activity for the sake of adrenaline

Possibilities for an active holiday there are a lot of rock climbing, abseiling (downhill on the rope), Hiking in the mountains (and mountains here too!), jumping from the rocks into the water, kayaking, water sports, mini Golf and the school of the trapezoid, in other words, the adrenaline-dependent without any problems will find their adventures on the fifth point.

The best Agency that organizes all kinds of activity — Good Time Adventures on Sairee Beach.

2. Fabulous diving in the night

And yet again, diving! But without the equipment. The company UV Dive Koh Tao offers a totally unique game – night freediving ultraviolet (UV night diving).

This is an opportunity to see a completely different world full of wonders, bright shades and unusual creatures, which you have not even imagined. The concept of immersion implies the use of masks and special lighting, it accentuates all the colors from corals and fish – it turns out living is the fluorescence effect. Bright neon tentacles, fancy glitter coral branches, twinkling lights, as if from another galaxy fish and jellyfish. It’s something incredible and magical!

And yet, why not diversify your experience and immersion is not to remove this story or movie? For this is a 3-day hands-a photo and video courses, during which you learn to remove all the magic on camera.

3. Evening party on Sairee Beach

After sunset Sairee beach comes alive and turns into the best place on the island, where to dine in restaurants in a romantic atmosphere with candles. Fresh seafood, pizza, thaifood under cocktails and dancing with fire show.

4. Touch art

Live music, jam sessions on the weekends, just to relax, drink and paint in unusual Studio art Raw Art Moovment. This mental creative space is located in the jungle, close to the beach of Mae Haad. There are art classes and workshops for children and adults, has a bar and cafe with a great view from the rooftop veranda.

5. Tracks & Viewpoints

To see more of the exotic landscapes under a new perspective, you need to go to the mountains! You can walk through Chalok Baan Kao beach Freedom Veach, and then climb up the trail to the site of the John Suwan Viewpoint.

On a Sunny day from there you can see Koh Samui and conservation Park Ang Thong. And can go down directly to the hotel New Heaven Resort is a very Jolly place for snorkeling with harmless reef sharks with black fin.

6. Thai kitchen

On Koh Tao there are plenty of restaurants with Thai food, is also Italian, Mexican, French. But the best, authentic, spicy and merciless taifu best found in local cafes along the main road or in a cubbyhole of her. As a rule, the prices of food in such institutions is much lower than in the tourist and food is served fresh with authentic Thai taste.

7. Exploring the island on kayak

The best way to see the island is to rent a kayak and swum round if not all, then at least the most interesting places and beaches. And even with the kayak to snorkel and explore the reef life.

The most interesting places for Snorkelling – Ao Leuk, Laem Thien and Thian Og Bay.

In the last place you can often see reef sharks under water. In the coral reefs of the usual shark with black and white dorsal fin, it feeds mainly of small fish and plankton, and therefore does not pose a threat to human life.

8. Volunteer eco projects

Most of the dive schools often coalesce and organize clearing the island of debris. Once on Koh Tao increased tourist traffic, increased the amount of debris. And the turtles that were taken here, the offspring, gradually began to disappear. So the volunteers come together, clean beaches, and hundreds of divers clean the reefs under water for the sake of preserving the ecosystem and nature small island among Gulf of Siam.

To take an active part in saving turtles, cleaning Islands, the rehabilitation of the reef and educational programs can all attend. All events and programs is on the website www.savekohtao.com

9. Yoga on Sairee Beach

The peaceful yoga center Shambhala is located in the popular Sairee Beach. Want to come here for morning classes to practice asanas, pranayama and meditative practices to relax the soul.

10. Sunset on the beach

Classic fun on any tropical island to see the sunset under some kind of delicious cocktail. Between the beaches of Sairee Beach and Mae Hat has a small restaurant on the hill – Sunset View – scenery from here is fantastic.

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