10 places to taste the best Indian food

India is a land of foodies. The kind of fascination that descends upon us while thinking how on earth people came up with spice powders, snacks and savouries that we relish now, is just mind-boggling. It leaves us with awe each and every time we slurp the leftover curry from our fingers. Food inspires us and it is more than just something that keeps us alive. We have developed a deep connection with food and associated it with festivals, functions and happy occasions. We sure do believe that a way to win a person’s heart is through the stomach. We are now going to see ten very foodie places in India where you can eat the best indian food (in no particular order) but that does not mean we are limited to only ten. There are many more which will probably be covered in future posts.

1. Best Indian Food-Rajasthani – Bikaner:

Source: WikiPedia
Rajasthani food is a gem on the food crown of best indian food. It has a swirl of every taste possible that our palate could enjoy. Rajasthani kitchens bathe in the aroma of spices and ‘ghee’(clarified butter). Each one of their gravies has a rich puree of cashews and tomato with a variety of diced vegetables and ‘paneer’ (cottage cheese). The variety in sweets and snacks are unlimited. Moong dhal halwa is a trademark of the land which is not to be missed with a bite of spicy kachori. Not just Bikaner, the whole Marwar region is simply the best in this cuisine.

2. Best Indian Food-Tamil – Madurai:

Madurai is synonymous to idlis. Idlis are fluffy, white and round, steamed pancakes made of ground rice batter. South Indians start their day with idlis and a variety of chutneys and sambar that exhilarate them and prepare their body and mind for the day ahead. This city that never sleeps is also very famous for ‘jikarthanda’ (meaning cool liver), an amazingly yummy cool drink that combines a scoop of icecream, sago, vermicelli and milk which is just heaven in a glass.

3. Best Indian Food-Chaat – Mumbai:

Source: NY Times
Mumbai is a very cosmopolitan place and a confluence of cuisines from many regions in India. But, the very mention of Mumbai reminds every one of the extremely tasty road-side chaat vendors. Street food captures some of the best indian food that the country can offer and Mumbai is one the best for it. Chaat has become one of the favourite evening food for not just children but adults too. Innumerable combinations of bhujia, paapdi, fresh cut onions, tomatoes and the yummiest chutneys are just too good to resist. A plate of pav bhaji or vada pav with a glass of masala chaas can complete your meal and leave you with a big smile.

4. Best Indian Food-Punjabi – Amritsar:

Punjabi khana is what your taste buds dance for and one of the best cuisine that brings the best of best indian food. The best tandoor chicken and paneer tikka kebab are available in the least expected small dhabas along the roads. You get a hearty welcome with a tall stainless steel glass of chill lassi and you are shown the best hospitality while you sit on a wooden-frame cot. Rotis and parathas can steal your heart with cut raw onions, green chillies and a lemon wedge squeezed gently on your butter chicken. More than a full stomach, you leave with a full heart seeing the always energetic and dancing Punjabis.

5. Best Indian food-Gujrati – Ahmadabad:


Like Rajasthani cuisine, Gujarathi cuisine can mesmerize vegetarian audience with variety and blow you over. The sight of yellow dhoklas and khakras with achaar (pickle) and the richest of vegetable sautés can immerse you in a rich experience. Just get into a restaurant, order yourself a thali and lose yourself to gluttony. Such is their food and their hospitality.

6. Best Indian food-Goan – Goa:

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Continental sea-food cravings of any heights can be served in Goa. Goan cuisine has evolved through time as an emergent style of Indo-Portuguese cooking techniques. Goan household meal without a prawn dish is incomplete. The combinations of desi and continental cooking methods, using local produce, gives a unique flavour and aesthetic appeal to Goan dishes. And, pastries and cakes form essential portion of their food too. If you are beach lover or a party animal, it does not matter – Goan finger foods are just mouth-watering.

7. Best Indian food-Mughlai – Hyderabad:

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Hyderabad is biryani-lovers’ paradise, everyone knows. The ‘dum biryani’ with a tinge of kesar and presented with roasted dry fruits is a true treat for your eyes and taste buds. Biryani is wholesome and one the best indian food. It has very carefully chosen vegetables, mutton chops, spices and cooked to perfection, first on fire and then on red hot charcoal. It is a long process to follow but the end product is just to die-for. So, next time you go there to buy pearls, stop for a plate of spicy dum biryani and you will never feel like getting out of the restaurant.

8. Best Indian food-Malabari – Kerala:



What sets Malabari cuisine apart from Goan cuisine is, even they both are sea-food based, Malabar cuisine is richly cooked with coconut oil and local spices. Baby sharks served with grated coconut gravy and banana chips is something you cannot get anywhere else in the world. It is also famous for the Malabar biryani that combines Indian and Arabian spices and techniques and is a speciality of the ‘Mapilla’ community of people in that region.

9. Best Indian food-Bengali – Kolkata:

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Kolkata is also a richly sea-food based cuisine but what sets it apart is the exclusive use of mustard paste and mustard oil in the cooking. Mustard oil is one of the best oils to cook food in and is healthier than other oils. Prawns, lobsters and fish cooked in mustard gravy hook you onto region. Even if you somehow overcome that addiction, you cannot resist the rosagollas. There are shops that sell more than 50 different flavours of rosagollas in Kolkata. One word – ‘divine’. Period.

10. Best Indian food-Konkani – Mysore:

The sweet smell of cooked potatoes stuffed inside large benne dosas (butter dosa) are a regional favourite. Mysore masala dosa is a common name in almost all Indian restaurants throughout the world because that’s how tasty and popular it is. A side order of bondas with coconut chutney could transport you to a parallel universe. A small piece of jaggery in the sambar makes the best dip for the spice masala rolled into the dosas. Just close your eyes and enjoy every bite of one of the best indian food.

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