10 Best Countries To Work And Live For Expats

This article is going to be quite useful for those who are looking to move abroad and make a living. It takes into account basic needs, luxury as well as children and healthcare needs. This list is subjective but is based on inputs from various expatriate websites. (this is only a list and not RANKING)

1. China:

No doubt, China is a large country and is an emerging economy filled with work opportunities. Although the political scenario is a downside, the country has a vast expanse of market in each industry and it is all the more better when you have a basic and decent degree in which case, your competition is lesser. Child care and education opportunities are decent and the standard of living is quite good with healthy food available everywhere.

2. Germany:

Source: WikiMedia
Germany is one of the best countries to raise children because of its very good and affordable educational and healthcare facilities. Work-wise there are decent opportunities provided you are good with German language although the downside would be the very high cost of living.

3. Singapore:

Singapore is now having a little set back with new visa and immigration rules for expats but it is still one of the best places to work and live according to current working expats over there. It is a small and organised country with a very good political system and work culture, excellent schools and world-class universities and grad schools. Although the cost of living is going high each year, the government provides an excellent system of healthcare through public hospitals and an amazingly well connected public transport system.

4. Australia:

Australia ranks high among expats for friendly environment, very good work opportunities and standard of living. Its vast expanse of land does not help the poor public transport system, although the expat community scoring the country high on assimilation and climatic conditions.

5. Canada:

Even though Canada scored the highest in expat satisfaction on factors such as education and healthcare dimensions, it is still not ranked 1st due to factors like poor climatic conditions, slightly sour work-life balance and busy social lives. Canada has one of the highest immigration percentages due to its latest open welcome to expats owing to poor population density and forecasted mortality rate.

6. Belgium:

With average living experience and economy, Belgium still is one of the top 10 countries to work and live due to its very good environment to raise a child. Healthcare and well-being are scored very high by expats working there. The country has less incidents of violent crime but scores low on providing healthy diet due to the prevalence of beer, chocolates and waffles, that are known well in Belgium.

7. Russia:

Source: Reuters
Russia is ranked high on social life, making local friends and entertainment by expats which make its poor dietary conditions and low income standards take a second place. It is quite cold in climatic conditions and the childcare facilities are average. It has good score to keep itself on the list due to high disposable income.

8. UAE:

One of the best places for expats in terms of tax-free salary, excellent labour laws that provide paid vacation and air travel to home country every year. It scores high on healthcare and working conditions too but it does not offer very good higher educational prospects and on the other hand, schools are extremely expensive and not to forget the high influence of religion on local life and culture.

9. Hong Kong:

Although it is highly influenced by Chinese culture, it still maintains its anglo-chinese dimension, has its own currency and laws. It is ranked high on childcare and educational infrastructure but the downside is high population density which leads to lesser home space and high cost of living. It also scores low on work-life balance as almost all people work hard and long hours here.

10. Turkey:

Turkey, the old Constantinople, has been a business gateway between east and west ever since Roman empire. It is still one if the highly scored places for economic satisfaction, new jobs and business start-ups, thus giving expats a good quality of life. The downside is obviously the below-average educational infrastructure and healthcare system that could be a big minus among expats’ choice of Turkey.

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